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  1. Hi everyone , I was making a lvl 6 arena charmer and i wanted to know what are the good skill builds I can put on him so if someone could send a tested skill build that ican use i would really appreciate it
  2. It says "oh no catastrophic failure" does that mean my acc has been hacked ?
  3. hi everyone . So from the title iwould like to suggest adding new world events to the game to be specific "pvp events not pve" Becuase we have already the raid bosses which make us hooked up and ofc someone will say "we hve already war" but well . War isnt enough cuz : 1. There are too many afkers and this can decide who rlly can win "if elfs hve more afkers then mc will win and vice versa" no matter how much ppl shout in wc some ppl are lazy just sitting there . 2.The rewards are also rlly bad and actually this makes the number of afkers increase cuz by logic "why would i participate in war if the 3 star reward is 10% increase in physical/magical power ? " 3.The last thing is the horror/snow/spring/etc.. events that ppl leave war for them cuz 90% of the players become busy with the dgs other than participating in the event and this is really sad Well thats why war isnt enough for a world pvp event . the game needs an event that makes all players participate thats why its called a "world event" and also it needs good rewards that hook people up (but only for people who actually participate) for example : give for the people who participate in that event chests/gold/cc . if chests then it will contain skins-costumes-maybe even exclusive items but again to the people who actually "PARTICIPATE" if anyone was afk for example by sitting in the event area for 1 min without moving (idle) he will be teleported to any map except the map with event in progress , "if the event is in irselnort he will be teleported to ayvondil" so he has to pay 270g to come back . Will thats enough i only said what i had in my mind maybe some things that isaid in this topic were wrong idk but regardless ihope devs could take this problem into consideration cuz its an increasing problem . P.s My server is EU so i said what is actually happening now Idk what is the case in us server or other servers tho ✌
  4. Thanks alot for replying i really appreciate it Well ithink ihve some info about it ididnt want to buy it blindly lol thx
  5. Hi. So i hve some questions about shaman's expert skill Ritual Tribal which is a skill that decreases the time of the skill recharge . in other words "cooldown reduction" Now im floating over 40k on my sham and ihve already all exp skills and iwanna buy it but i just need some info about it before i buy it so 1.How much cd does this skill give at all lvls ? 2.Im a pve sham so ithink this skill would be good for me but some people suggested me to buy the weakness totem "the one that decreases pene and accu" so if someone could tell me what to buy and why do i buy it i would really appreciate it :3 3.Is the ritual tribal skill useful for pvp ? Thx for reading this topic iwould really appreciate it if someone who bought this skill and tested it can tell me if its worth the 40k or no . Peace ✌
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