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  1. not need to call the police, it's just a mild occurrence *-*


    i like this face *-*


    *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-* 

    *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-* 

    *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-*  *-* 





    We are talking about some of the best epic items in game...and you expect them to be cheap? If you can´t afford them, just use arena items, free, but don´t say nonsenses...



    you know nothing about epic items, epic doesnt mean expensive, hyper chicken rogue

    Опубликованное фото



    Опубликованное фото



    there u have EPIC items

  3. Lies.


    Comon, just shout at trade chat and ask whos Pvprange, all the smart players gonna say he's #1 pro God of US!



    Jelly jellyfishes everywhere!


    are you trying to say im not smart? are you trying to say im jelly about the fatest player in all warspear?
  4. I thinked that Santa Claus is back:D


    i thinked the same, thats what we all thinked. many ppl thinked that, even the people who didnt thinked it already said that they really thinked it. are you sure that you thinked it?
  5. 1st all armors lvl 18 fro 250k

    2nd all staves lvl 18 for 350k

    3rd which scepter ur talking about

    4th u hv 2 tell the faction

    5th thx for listening n i dnt wnt buy if ur thinking me wnt buy just saying my advice or u can say comment or post or anything wnt call it :wacko:


  6. ;D The last image is about Priest and Necro.....Now they put Paladin and DK


    When Will we get Rogue and BD? ;D


    rogue is too noob, better put brown puma against bd
  7. quit the warlocks form their party and those chicken mcs will be easier than a full lvl 11 druid party. why do you think they only demand 5v5? is the only way they can get advantage from warlocks. they suck at 2v2

    Опубликованное фото



    Опубликованное фото

  8. Forsaken is the most painful island EVER! So I chose MC :[  ;D


    try choosen island final quests where u have to get inside shit caves full of shit mobs and full of only-quester quests, thats painfull
  9. choosen is the best faction, because it has paladin. firstborn is good too, it has ranger and dont forget about bds, they are hyper pro, like Xmk - #1 pro bd lvl 11

  10. 1: you are a crying chicken, the only reason u cry is cuz u if u loose arena against them, you need to take more paper from your fat pockets to keep your ranger fat ass at #1 position.

    2: i killed your hyper weak noob non-skilled poor-damager hyper poorly enduranced master chicken warlock lvl 14, you posted videos of you against noobs that run into the dark cirlce like if they were mobs.

  11. Okay you guys listen to what i have to say. I am really confused ok so a while ago, i was masturbating with an egg and i was just about to orgasm when all of a sudden my vag just like...sucked it up. It was like a vacuum. Not just a regular vacuum. My vag is a dyson.



    Anyway, i was so scared and spent the rest of the night trying to queef out that egg but it wouldnt come out.

    So the other day i was playing basketball in gym and the egg fell out! It fell into my underwear. I was too afraid to take it out and people probably thought i was growing a penis or something...so i didnt take it out of my underwear until i got home and the effing egg was HARDBOILED! My vagina is a vacuum and a pot of boiling water. It hardboiled an egg! I'm not done... So i put it in the fridge because i didnt know what else to do...and couple of hours later, my dad was eating an egg salad sandwich!



    Should i tell my dad?




    the true is you put eggs cuz u are a chicken

  12. first of all, thanks to the most hyper weak non skilled poor damager slow hitter bad looking warlock debufer for giving me the idea fo posting here in forum the items i want to buy, so i can stop spaming trade chat 24/7 every 15 seconds.





    i am looking for [Acute Gladius] (lvl 13 one handed sword), but i need +7 +8 +9 +10 only.

    also [Acute Falchio], but +9 only

    pm me, my name is Princefran



    dont pm if you have [Acute Falchion] non +9, because thats for hyper weak non-cool chickens.




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