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  1. the game has become boring and i like how the devs created this new island, which sucks means you can't make good new ideas, all you ever wanted was money. the game was better back then when you earned everything, not bought. its a video game, not serious enough to spend hundreds of dollars on. why do you think people scam so much and people come here asking why? allegedly we play games for fun, but it costs. thats greedy if you ask me. make the damn game better. you signed up for this. wanted feedback? now you have it. anyone who read this respond with negative or positive, doesnt matter. as long as you have a feeling of emotion, i dont want you to be bland like warspear. duck the suggestion section.

  2. 1. I like chicken nuggets


    2. I'm Superman


    3. I will destroy Batman in 2016


    4. I've been playing Warspear for 4 years


    5. Batman is nothing without his gadgets


    6. I'm the strongest man in the world


    7. Batman is a noob


    8. Kryptonite cannot kill me.




  3. I used the new email assign on my warspear account, but I cannot play it because game freezes after I try to confirm the email. How do I fix this so I can play my account, at the moment I can't play my account.

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