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  1. So I'm sorry but I was talking about people who have money to revive and use as many potions as necessary to complete a quest.

    It was bad. His ideas were the same as mine.

    But when you confronted me saying "since when are you a professional?" I felt like I was disrespecting me ... that is all ... :(

  2. AFFS, I'm not a professional,you got it wrong, Icywind. :wacko:

    I'm just saying that to sell very noob with strong item. Type, giving a feeling of tasty and the such. They do not respect more the true professionals of the game.

    Man, to tell you the truth I am and always will be noob noob! 8)

    I will always be inoscente and hacked all the time.

    but always will respect those that are superior.

    and although not a big help me strive to help the needy.

    In short, I'm noob!

    and wish that life would not be easier. My worst nightmare was becoming a level 20 noob and I see that it is inevitable, because these quests give Norland many experience points.

    Anyway, I've already changed a lot towards the conversation, sorry if I offended anyone. But the Age of Fighters must return!

  3. nobody else wants to hunt.

    quests swamp Norland give free items.

    now any noob can have level 18 items (if he is lucky)

    I found it boring. Not to mention how much the items are damaged on the island.

    a question: is there better items than those of level 18?

    because it ends with the grace of the game you win everything so easy.


    that good eh my opinion on Norland Swamp. :unknw:

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