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  1. how about hard or nearly impossible to access the gear you want?
  2. gears in us-sapphire are like food in venezuela,hard to find and very expensive i mainly do t5 dailies,which are exclusively mermen mob hunt,t4 invs are gems to me
  3. nope,they can't run away from me forever say that to my stats i depend all of the time of pots and minions when is about dealing with pineholes like sentinels
  4. i didn't mean that i'm just saying what i think,you're on your right of being agree or not
  5. good joke,getting stronger is easier said than done,THIS IS A PAY TO WIN GAME,and the comunity is nothing but greedy,the prices they use for selling gears are ridiculously high,they go beyond of what i get every day in quests nah,if i has the control,i would made almost the entire island fully pve,except for the famous pvp cave,this way the amount of annoyed questers gets reduced
  6. then how about adding islands that are exclusively for pvp? you know,jut like runescape made islands for pve and pvp why not folow that example? honestly there's nothing that i hate more than being interrupted or bothered when i'm busy imagine if ll players decided to quit because of the enemy players killing them every single,what'cha gonna do?
  7. listen,there's always someone,somewhere,better than you om whatever you're doing so beleive me,you got the wrong self promoter,i'm not one of them
  8. friends or not,they started so now they now must pay the price there's only 1 exception that gets away,that person and i made a small deal,not attacking each other unoess 1 of us attacks first,except in wars(which i'm not going right now because sentinels are always winning)
  9. crazy is the people that are in first place in arena tournaments and stuff,do they have a life? yeah,it's most likely to extend,if it makes you feel better,my ignore list is bigger so being stressed and frustrated is part of the game? this isn't dark souls,contra or any hard game that exchanges frustration for success feeling
  10. yes,this list,shows almost every single player who killed me for NO REASON this list,along to the servers,keep me in the game nobody makes you watch my post,you could just ignore me
  11. i don't call myself badass or superior,said that to the entire comunity i prefer to be modest
  12. um,i don't start fights,and now,i don't killed 214 players,my kills are very very few
  13. no,i don't kill unless i'm attacked or there's someone on legionnare territory
  14. okay: A lazy player it's a player who just stands still and expects everything to be done or get everything a stupid lvl 20 killed me one once you can't ignore enemy players if it makes you feel better,my play time on warspear is now short due my lack of interest on the game
  15. sorry,unless the servers shut down or my black list is clean,nothing will stop me from playing
  16. no,areas outside cities aren't pvp areas,i mean like for example the famous pvp cave
  17. Disclaimer: this is not a hate-post https://youtu.be/_FS1Yiv3khA
  18. i'll be when this black list is empty 1. Tadumpil[28] 2. Darkhechi[28] 3. Shuukun[28] 4. Quekloxdos[28] 5. Anubis[28] 6. Xleonidax[28] 7. Hitmat[28] 8. Axewarrior[28] 9. Legionz[14] 10. Alejandro[28] 11. Finaluse[28] 12. Opretric[28 13. Leandrozeu[28] 14. Rogue[22] 15. Misakikana[28] 16. Bahiiano[28] 17. Wuang[28] 18. Mustardh[28] 19. Struthio[28] 20. Kaido[28] 21. Zehn[28] 22. Partynao[28] 23. Killer[28] 24. Elankxx[28] 25. CrimeBtch[28] 26. Rayhanh[28] 27. Kishazs[28] 28. Nenomalo[28] 29. Vikingsx[18] 30. Dwitaxjr[24] 31. Mrtrolltv[32] 32. Icepickxxx[26] 33. Followers[28] 34. Xdxantx[28] 35. Lamboghini[28] 36. Bluethemar[28] 37. Sendo[28] 38. Melliodaz[28] 39. Pnas[27] 40. Amytrich[28] 41. Xyungprox[28] 42. Rvtarcher[28] 43. Suneetamer[28] 44. Iammytgay[28] 45. Mante[28] 46. Mylafaisha[25] 47. Elyam[28] 48. Kevxxmage[26] 49. Meurenx[25] 50. Frankielll[30] 51. Cirenk[32] 52. Aprilya[30] 53. Lighthawk[29] 54. Ucessalliu[28] 55. Labasto[31] 56. Rayhanh[28] 57. Kishazs[23] 58. Mante[28] 59. Xspritusx[28] 60. Macept[28] 61. Legendaaa[28] 62. Bitter[28] 63. Kinglove[28] 64. Closer[28] 65. Exatav[23] 66. Pvpbowz[26] 67. Aorian[27] 68. Liderx[28] 69. Nerazzuri[28] 70. Kaido[28] 71. Furymagez[28] 72. Sulliman[28] 73. Achecoie[27] 74. Roastt[20] 75. Soniakillie[28] 76. Merticle[27] 77. Lavirgine[28] 78. Bahahancur[28] 79. Tani[28] 80. Critical[28] 81. Agentpaaaul[24] 82. Hitfirst[28] 83. Cuarzo[28] 84. Rizkihexxsa[28] 85. Wsswwssw[28] 86. Alonexpro[20] 87. Moody[28] 88. Deathsigns[28] 89. Triadizor[20] 90. Drhousex[28] 91. Neptuno[28] 92. Putang[28] 93. Shoky[28] 94. Guludug[28] 95. Elfmonkeyz[28] 96. Khaldrogo[28] 97. Hoblybu[20] 98. Sucso[20] 99. Hinatax[32] 100. Chambae[27] 101. Vayzkartel[28] 102. Blieto[29] 103. Rle[28] 104. Heyneraz[20] 105. Xgnalapx[28] 106. Sniperking[19] 107. Thizz[29] 108. Crypta[32] 109. Junvio[28] 110. Hunny 111. Isnowll[28] 112. Palokinha[20] 113. Odinsfluch[18] 114. Lesly[28] 115. Kass[28] 116. Hitmat[28] 117. Minhero[28] 118. Aladdeen[28] 119. Sexo[28] 120. Queenbtch[22] 121. Skuyliving[28] 122. Jechu[28] 123. Captain[28] 124. Xnalapx[29] 125. Halalang[28] 126. Hantz[30] 127. Oxi[30] 128. Okktrollll[29] 129. Cidautore[29] 130. Maggie[32] 131. Humanism[28] 132. Noob[32] 133. Genurist[28] 134. Cicidehoy[28] 135. Soapking[30] 136. Fukosenpei[29] 137. Lionlordz[30] 138. Kalamata[31] 139. Hatchling[32] 140. Amtonse[29] 141. Iserghos[26] 142. Khufra[28] 143. Xpvpmagezz[32] 144. Heomapu[27] 145. Itachi[30] 146. Maggie[32] 147. Devaputra[30] 148. Princebrr[27] 149. Panaasmara[30] 150. Bluemoooon[25] 151. Coldknife[28] 152. Simang[31] 153. Imskuy[30] 154. Lizzi[26] 155. Krait[28] 156. Hoch[29] 157. Turkeyy[30] 158. Feiicrown[30] 159. Sunder[28] 160. Virgo[32] 161. Ssjbvenger[30] 162. Hiitleer[30] 163. Liemoza[31] 164. Overtaker[31] 165. Struhio[31] 166. Kapaktajam[28] 167. Luxmea[32] 168. Heroashole[30] 169. Useemgay[32] 170. Lydia[29] 171. Aryjezz[32] 172. Xjhazx[32] 173. Firestone[31] 174. Blndmanic[28] 175. Kyttto[28] 176. Adaorg[30] 177. Oneheart[31] 178. Onyxia[30] 179. Dprotector[32] 180. Sonyta[32] 181. Tommygunz[30] 182. Rainifire[30] 183. Yamazakiis[28] 184. Cyberplay[28] 185. Lusy[29] 186. Mothra[24] 187. Runitup[24] 188. Blieto[32] 189. Sulthinz[28] 190. Militia[22] 191. Vega[31] 192. Lordgarox[30] 193. Vesstige[30] 194. Adiasasin[30] 195. Erli[32] 196. Bladeboyz[32] 197. Seekerrrr[28] 198. Lagookeep[24] 199. Nochoice[32] 200. Arthemous[32] 201. Ghostmy[30] 202. Softex[32] 203. Shirohige[32] 204. Aleix[32]<Pernicious> 205. Instantblue[32]<THEMERCS> 206. Arizoth[32]<THEMERCS> 207. Hantz[32]<THEMERCS> 208. Orangghaib[32]<THEMERCS> 209. Deko[32] 210. Lexie[32]<THEMERCS> 211. Xier[32]<THEMERCS> 212. Enomaru[31]<THEMERCS> 213. Finaluse[28]<AvA> 214. Warzym[28]<THEMERCS> 215. Stuncyclez[29] oh,yes,another option would be the server shutting off forever
  19. my war,is with the mobs not players,because mobs: -Stay in a same zone -They can't move from the zone -Can't spawnkill(which is an horrible move) -Can't ruin your day(like players do) -Form part of quests -Don't have ridiculous stats in the other hand,players: -Are living headaches -99.9% of players are toxic,unfriendly,denigrant,and vulgar -have ridiculous stats -Kill anybody no matter the level -Not reasonable -Can scam,lie and troll -They are more focused on kills rather than cooperating -Very selfish and greedy -Extremely lazy -Are toxic do i need to say more? i don't know how to react to your message or how to take it let me tell you something if players get frustrated,they might quit the game,and if all people were smart enough and quit,warspear online would already be history and players quitting are no good news for devs no,in war and gvg would be exceptions i mean outside arena and those 2 battle events arena,gvg and war would be exceptions oh yes,pvp areas too
  20. you obviusly don't know me also,having fun in warspear online is very hard,for not saying impossible my actions? which actions? also,if there are no rules in war,why war crimes exist?
  21. not totally in COD there's offline mode with all the content avalaible,with multiplayer bots,no hackers,no toxic players,no lag,pure offline fun Fortnite only sells cosmetics,nothing that affects he gameplay(just like among us,which is an example that all devs should follow)
  22. let me tell you something,the only reasons for me to leave are the followings -Clean black list(all players killed) -Servers getting officially shutdown forever(make the game unplayable and abandoned in history)
  23. annoying other players should be objective for banning,it ruins the user experience
  24. i want to let them know who they messed with,it's not like i'm the big deal or anything,if you did know me you probably wouldn't want me as an enemy if i left now,i will still got the rage for not getting my revenge actually,pvp is devs cash cow,besides of guilds and events
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