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  1. this comunity is toxic,not like Runescape(never played and never will),but i think is a little worse,since getting help is NEARLY impossible and i don't understand why that people like pvp,there are no strategy, just pure stats and mindless skill throwing,it's boring
  2. dude,i don't seek for a girlfriend,also,if i had all the attention frlm the people for 30,i would tell them to never play this game,because of how the comunity is i don't want a girlfriend also,i barely speak to her
  3. the servers and my black list keeps me in the game,without any,i would quit i see the game as an obligation to me(like school) from time to time i go and say hi to her,she's not a true sentinel,she's practically an impostor,because she ain't bad
  4. i don't want anyone to get annoyed while questing,the more angry they get,the more will quit
  5. a huge part that is annoying, frustrating, unfair,rigged,dirty and pay to win when it comes to pvp,everyone just wants to win,the fun is unexistent
  6. no context,it goes outside the story line,i think lots of players would be gratefull with something like this,since i think there is people who misd the emerald capital from spring event
  7. easier said than done,why don't you walk in my shoes(expression) for a while? i have a lvl 29 weapon,a lvl 27 robe which was the wrong one,and a belt oh,and imagine being a total free to play with no one to support you incluiding being unable to do group quests
  8. sort of,except that in the island,all factions are enemies,the respawn zones are safe zones(in order to prevent spawn kill) and there are no aggressive mobs
  9. um,in arena: you don't fight who you want,you can't fight whenever you want,you have to wait(long time in extreme cases) and combats have time limit
  10. look how much rocks in here *insert angry grinch emote*
  11. so a player is trying to get a stun book for an elf account ¿will he get banned? i vote for him to get banned Also,if you wonder why i didn't send this to the freshdesk of warspear, it's simple,it's not working,here are both proofs
  12. i know you're speaking to someone else but i must say this nobody is actually normal, we all are weird and imperfect
  13. you kidding right? i prefer dealing with monsters,they don't become invisible and run away like the cowards that seekers are also,the frikking pvp is PAY 2 WIN,and there ain't fairness or honor in players,just soberby,selfishness and arrogance
  14. about that how the island would work,it's simple,there is a portal that acts as the doorkeeper,if he detects that you wear or hold a gladiator gear or have a gladiator skill,you'll be sent to the Colosium,otherwise you'll be sent to the palace basically a way to have balanced matched About the minions,i just wish they could react faster,they are not entirely OP Also,i forgot to add that they also add dummies for testing resilence and ferocity
  15. it only aplies to that person and me,not the rest
  16. well,only with poliformia,we agree on not attacking each other unless one of us attacks first,except on war,arena and gvg but for the rest,no,and it's too late for that
  17. Have a list of my suggestions: 1) Dummies for every ocassion: Add different kinds of dummies for adding other aspects,for example,testing penetration These are the kinds of dummies i'd like to see in the game: Cloth Armor Dummy Light Armor Dummy Heavy Armor Dummy all these dummies have certain amount of armor,which allows you to test the penetration you have Melee Dummy(There are different types of this one,but what is does is that,when you interact,it'll attack you just once with phisical damage,but you won't be able to attack it,and the dummy won't attack ag
  18. thank for repating information i already hold and know,i'm not saying i'm untouchable,i'm saying there's no reasons to attack me,unless i start or unless we are on arena,gvg or war
  19. getting my revenge of course,once i kill them all back,i quit from the game and never come back,but,if some of them have quit,you'll never get rid of me,unless the servers get shutdown permanently there's no reason since i don't bother anyone
  20. For this,say hello to my black list,here are almost all players who attacked me for no reason 1. Tadumpil[28] 2. Darkhechi[28] 3. Shuukun[28] 4. Quekloxdos[28] 5. Anubis[28] 6. Xleonidax[28] 7. Hitmat[28] 8. Axewarrior[28] 9. Legionz[14] 10. Alejandro[28] 11. Finaluse[28] 12. Opretric[28 13. Leandrozeu[28] 14. Rogue[22] 15. Misakikana[28] 16. Bahiiano[28] 17. Wuang[28] 18. Mustardh[28] 19. Struthio[28] 20. Kaido[28] 21. Zehn[28] 22. Partynao[28] 23. Killer[28] 24. Elan
  21. i don't invade,i don't bother anyone did you known that the arena is rigged?
  22. so you support the elves huh? that's how it is? okay,okay,it seems even the frikking admins support the bad guys
  23. it's a despicable system.....a very...despicable system....... and not just that,MOST OF PEOPLE DON'T HELP TO DEAL WITH THE [OOF] INVASIONS!!!!!
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