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  1. uhhhh i didn't wanted to summon that -.-
  2. i was gonna say something but if i say it i would regret later,so,i dunno,pineapple plz read my sign
  3. here's my anwser just so you can have a look on a bit of how comunity is like
  4. even Alchemia Story gets my like more than this game,despite of the huge size of the game,and the many load screens,i have not suffered from forced pvp,and the story is actually interesting,and not boring,besides that i have a companion that actually helps me and gives me company in all my playtime when nobody else does also,it's already hard enough to make friends,getting invited to things and etc and i want you to see this and judge by yourself
  5. i miss those days that i actually could quest in peace without anyone trying my patience and i miss those days in spring event(the only event i really enjoy) where i could go dg any time, whenever i can, and not having to build a group or asking for inv or waiting a lot of time,ot being under the pressure of time limit
  6. well is not my fault that sentinels are a nuclear plant
  7. um,elves make me lose my nerves not my posts
  8. which loss? i don't lose anything still,arena is awful and the comunity is awful
  9. never gonna try,since as i said earlier don't be so smug,this is one of the few good things that happened to me,80% of them were bad
  10. and in case you don't know which means that now is impossible to have a rank on arena,which i can't care less it's full of win/lose pts
  11. my mood improves when i finally get what i need or want,the 90% of time i'm focusing on questing about my posts,it's is nearly impossible for me finding something positive about the game,except that i meet good friends for some reason,though i don't regret meeting them,they are precious gems to me even if i can't rely on them all the time
  12. no thank you,i just got cure from migraine,i don't want to catch another migraine
  13. okay me and a blade dancer where the last ones in each side in an arena battle,it waw a 2x2,i manage to evade the bd and kill it,though i was running and placing the fire totem,for some reason,she stayed in the area instead of avoiding the totem,in the end i won,too bad i couldn't record,but i was using another device with less RAM anyway it's one of the few epic things i did
  14. they where outside arena,but i also remember one time i made what i'd like to call "an epic comeback"
  15. senrinels are villians with hero mask end of discussion
  16. i only had fun 2 times,no more and allow me to smack others with a harsh reality
  17. oh yes,i forgot tl mention,there is no way to learn to deal with classes,AND NO, ARENA DOESN'T COUNT,NEITHER THE [OOF] PVP CAVE SINCE THERE'S IDIOTS WHO GANK
  18. i hate he pvp in any game,but in this game,catching up with the restrequires special friendships(which are not easy to get,specially with people that has problems socializing or avoid people they don't know) Besides,arena is being rigged,which shouldn't be,since the arena was supposed to be made for everyone,but no,most of players there got gladiator gears and amping that goes to +8 to +10 so tell me Mr.i love pvp, ¿which reasons i have to deal with a lot of idiots who think they are better than anyone and also think they can't be beaten and got a lot of arrogance?
  19. this comunity is toxic,not like Runescape(never played and never will),but i think is a little worse,since getting help is NEARLY impossible and i don't understand why that people like pvp,there are no strategy, just pure stats and mindless skill throwing,it's boring
  20. dude,i don't seek for a girlfriend,also,if i had all the attention frlm the people for 30,i would tell them to never play this game,because of how the comunity is i don't want a girlfriend also,i barely speak to her
  21. the servers and my black list keeps me in the game,without any,i would quit i see the game as an obligation to me(like school) from time to time i go and say hi to her,she's not a true sentinel,she's practically an impostor,because she ain't bad
  22. i don't want anyone to get annoyed while questing,the more angry they get,the more will quit
  23. a huge part that is annoying, frustrating, unfair,rigged,dirty and pay to win when it comes to pvp,everyone just wants to win,the fun is unexistent
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