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  1. look at this! this is ridiculous! why there's so many sentinels?! its because they are "the good guys"? its because everything there is cheaper? its because people there is more active? they aren't "good guys",everything depends of the players,there's those who saw an enemy player and just react when they are under attack,and there's the others that just attack when they saw you the economy needs to be "fixed",im just wondering,¿why people sell everything so expenvise? its like they need the gold like it can be exchanged for real money,thing that
  2. most of things i know i learned alone,since there's nobody that will teach me how things work,and what i expect? more low amp players just like me,because i had the worst luck ever
  3. im not gonna lie,yes,im a lvl 28 shaman,my goal is to become strong to help the weak ones,and get revenge of all the sentinels on my black list,i know i got low deffense,but high stat sentinels always pick on me,i truly hate it
  4. i beleive the classes are glitched,mostly the ones mentioned here,so my idea is fixing them,i can't say how,since i got no experience in the engine
  5. well,many legionnaires moved to the sentinels i dare myself to say that sentinels are easy mode,because they outnumber the legion,and bds and rangers can easily kill most of the weak ones,seriusly,i never have a chance to win againts them yeah? well i can't kill rangers,they erase me in ay least 2 shots,i can't kill bds,once they paralize me,im screwed,wardens are practically inmortal,they block more than any class
  6. i don't mean elfs to always lose,all i want is both alliances to have a chance to win besides,im tired of losing almost all the time in arena for the classes glitch fault
  7. Greetings! im willing to bring the balance back to warspear online,but how i'm gonna do it? Posting this subjection The Firstborn classes seems to have glitches stats,such as Warden,Ranger and BladeDancer,because its nearly impossible to beat them in a fight,maybe other classes as well even lvl 20 Firstborn are able to fight and beat a legionnaire,thing that should be impossible,no matter your amp or stats A good game should be balanced,as some people might don't know,balancing a game is hard i heard some person that said that developers favor the firstborns,i
  8. what do you think im doing,firstborn? when t5 finally relases,i will prove myself no matter if i need more allies in certain zones
  9. i hate arena,i hate pvp,pve battles are more fair than arena battles,there's always one side that has advantage and one that its not,sentinels are over populated,and also,some user said one time that sentinels are "easy mode" besides,why does all enemies(except bosses and raid bosses) has 100 of mana and 0 skills? its like they got that energy bar for cosmetic purposes one last thing,im completlely bored,nobody will inv my char to a mythical dungeon,just because of his stats i dont have intentions of bothering anyone
  10. im not sure if somebody else asked this question but... Is there a limit for ignored list just as the Friend list?
  11. my char's lvl is 28,most of opponents are veterans i barely win
  12. some players made me take out the worst side of me,also,im sick of diying and being hunted every single time,i can say 99.9% pvp battles in warspear online are unfair or non-equal besides,the only fair duel i had,it was with the snow charmer(Snow Bound 2018,Level 28 Dungeon),it was ashort battle but it was intense as a PvP battle and i don't want to look myself forced on ignoring more people
  13. you don't think is a good suggestion? then explain why,i bet you got a smart explanation for it,sentinel
  14. i know right? just like military soldiers needs training to face real soldiers we need training to face real players as well
  15. Greetings,i won't do a lot of strolls right here,so i will be direct of what i want to suggest Training Field to introduce PvP Battles Fighting againts mobs doesn't provide you experience to know how to deal with enemy players,most of mobs just use auto-attacks(except some event mobs that are only found in festive dungeons),so in order to help the new players and untrained players,i suggest the addition of a Training Field My idea consist in a Temple of Spirits,where warriors can learn to deal with all classes and practice their skills,in duels and team batt
  16. im ginna miss this event almost nobody invited me to regular dungeons because of my stats (this is the bad side of being a free player) that's why loved solo dungeon a lot,i don't have to wait for an invite,i can just go and get stuff done,and no time limit is the best of all,i like going with no haste,and explore I support PvE over PvP,cuz fights are never fair,mostly on arena "Buy a pvp set" easier said than done however,i have to say farewell to the spring king and wickedora
  17. Greetings,i have to report a problem on the american server Recently,i was doing a dungeon run on blissful isle,then suddenly i got lag,and this is not all,i also got lag while on dynamic event,and im not the only one,another friend of mine had that problem too this might affect game experience,so we need to find a solution to this problem,so everyone can play without any problems Thank you for reading
  18. Lazy players ruin everything,the dynamic event is kinda important to me,i like throwing the anchor far away,and having Sebastian along me for longer,since im a shaman,i got killed too many times,so many that i would quit the game,personally i feel bullied,we shamans are lack of stuns or attack skills,the anchor and sebastian are the best in pvp terms,having the buffs at least in 3/5 is good enough even for dungeon
  19. Greetings to warspear online Community,I'd like to make suggestion Some Players starting on just standing on events and doing nothing except taking the sun or chatting,we all know that life doesn't reward the lazy people,however,its time to put an end,and punish those who don't help,when their alliance need them My suggestion is to punish the AFKs,AFK stands for Away From Keyboard,in this case im Specificly talking about those player who just want everything for free by doing nothing I've got some ideas for Punishments instead of Rewards: Insta-Death(Damagin
  20. finalmente ha llegado,sin embargo he muerto en la mazmorra varias veces,ya hasta gasté todos los revivir,incluso gasté uno en evento,y la gente en el servidor americano se está quejando de la baja probabilidad de buen drop,yo no he conseguido nada hasta ahora,sin mencionar que el evento con el buff de mazmorra gratuita la tienen los grandes gremios,tendran cosas buenos pero no un gran corazón,por mas que mi gremio esté muy inactivo,permaneceré firme y fiel
  21. yo aquí esperando el evento con ancias,tengo ganas de demostrar de lo que estoy hecho,para mi,mejor es ir solo que mal acompañado
  22. finally! i always rather solo dgs than common dgs,i never tried solo dgs,but even with low amp,i must prove that even me,being a low amp shaman,can pass lvl 28 solo dg
  23. sounds like a good idea,and i have to apologize for my late reply
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