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  1. I been trying to download game from few days, I even sent a ticket to support.....

    I can't really download game on my lappy(Windows)

    it kinda downloads few mbs and shows download complete

    when i run it, it say error and says I have to get a fresh download link from provider

    please kindly solve my download issue :cray:

  2. Well haven't heard any drop on US server. Usually everyone would know who got one, yet I haven't heard anything on MC or FB side.

    What's an event for if only 0-5 people get event item? Do you developers really think we are just going to spam over and over for no incentive? Maybe if you could find a good party with out idiots burning in caldron or pulling adds and run for a few hours someone might just get a troll. Or maybe its ironic and the devs are trolling us while they laugh for being such mean spirited and sick minded trolls themselves. Can't do tower if everyone feels the same way...  :facepalm: here's a pic of how dead it is. Don't you guys think its time to raise drop rate again maybe much much much higher this time for playing us as fools?


    I agree with u 100% its rare costume agreed but our efforts time money means nothing?? 5 000 000+ players n 20-25 trolls per server only thats unfair :(

  3. you spend coin or gold on a seeker and you get good players in party with you, spend like 20 mins (minimum) and in the end all geting craft item,pots,sphere, etc its a good pinch  :lol:


    and lets me remind you seekers are not cheap not gold wise nor mcoins wise. But yeah it has put an end to stealing boss & fighting for a boss.....


    Classic history of warspear farm is one who FARMS for long non stop gets drops (Its changed now) :cray:

  4. I don't know why everyone jumping down absaloms throat. I kicked neelam. I made the decision. First, it all started with someone saying sith are being ganked in cave. So of course we squad up and roll up to cave. Obviously a war starts. Elves are blocking cave from within. I go in to scope out how many elves and a lucky pally gets me with stun. I see neelam standing there. I'm like hmmm why aren't elves attacking her (I know she is an elf that occasionally plays mc) but I figured once she saw me stunned I'd get a lil back up. Nope I ended up fighting solo.Died. was thinking OK maybe she's afk. So I go back same situation. I see neelam walk so I know she's not stunned or afk. But still no backup. So i check out tourny time (17hrs until it ends). So i kicked her. All the elf wanna be mc had to do was apologize and realize how we roll as a guild. Had 17hrs to do so. Ive kickedmany for the same reason with no regard to how long tourny was goin. I know neelam is a friend of deaths so I gave her 17hrs. I am a member of the Sith council not just an heir. I appreciate the fact that my leader backed meup. If you guys wanna hate on someone point it towards me.  I honestly ddon't care whatyou think. Sith have each others backs either squad up or get the ♥♥♥♥ out. :drinks:



    PS. I know she wasn't stunned she was out of range both times. So keep that in mind.

    Thank you for proving my point and showing how retarded you are :)

    Neelamm flipped her sh*t and started freaking out before I could even get to the bottom of what happened.... the screenshot she posted is 15 minutes before rewards were given and I had PMed her trying to work it out, with all intention to invite her back in. However, she kept talking crap and pissing me off...  Sometimes our members may make fast decisions in the heat of battle, maybe not all are correct... but nothing is final. She could have easily calmed down and explain what happend, then she would have been invited back. Instead she chose to talk badly about my leadership and other members. I regret nothing.


    as far as you are concerned princess you need to learn how to talk to a "real" girl  ;)

  5. I m really sorry for what happened sis.. Idk what happened very well & i was offline since in my country was night & i was sleeping, i think would be fair atleast tht u get ur reward since u did ur gp, in future i'll try to invite u just to get it since u deserve it..



    Ty hardweed & lallouss, absalom is good guy also, but impulsive, so he may can say something bad even if he doesn' t really think it.



    I probably can t lead anymore since i got some problems in real life & i m a bit inactive, also i don't like too much being a guild leader.

    And what you gona do if some other player gets bullyed like i was and show how arrogant they can be


  6. This happened few hours before tournament end....

    I had my unity pot on i was finishing my cc quest "the strongest" in pvp cave and some elfs started ganking so we where killing them


    Later Elfs ganked iluvweed and i couldn't heal him because i got stunned by pallas skill

    and he just kicks me out of guild


    Doesn't matter if u spend your time, energy, money, gold, etc

    Nor just i didn't get tournament reward but when i try talking to the co leader "abuseolem" he uses abusive word on me


    Not making an issue out here just want players of us-sapphire to be informed


    They don't care about players, Infact they make you donate tickets and stuff to guild and don't even Invite you


    I just found out why people call them with other name that matches to their guild name :facepalm:


    if you give me a screenshot of the boss area i will point it out for you, it took me many pots to get there solo, i dont plan on going back. it was where the add respawns, that little area with a side fence



    when i got there the guild elixirPH was farming it on that spot i mentioned


  8. Oh, I thought that we have an event that I even don't know about.

    Prices are set for now, why should they change after all?

    can we except lady dress or witch dress or other dress and i am taking about the old costumes the dress set :blush:

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