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    a barb who used a pot.

    and a dk


    If you ever seen me fight out there, you'd notice that the only times I ever pot is when my enemy does (special occasions are rare).

    And with that said, what do you think the pro pretender here does?  :facepalm:


    As for the dk, he was actually late for the party.


    ;D  Nice.

    Hey bro how much you willing to bet the Pillsbury ♥♥♥♥boy is gonna see this and reply with "Herp derp, you jealous :crazy: " or something like that? Since he uses it like a ♥♥♥♥ing broken record


    I know right? Predictable as shit! Holy Christ... Rtruth and Negrobr were bad, but at least they were trying! Good thing Staypuft here is fun to own in game though.


    And you know what? I don't know... I got 15k on my barb right now. My gold says hes gonna say something different cause you asked that. I'm gonna bet 15k right now that he does.  ;D


    Yeah. You're right. I get owned alot and rage with piss and vinegar. I mean, look at all the ownage here! Wow...


    Of course all this was before I tried to kill him with my minions, but they left me behind and I got raped by the barb.  :'( :'( :'(


  4. Why am I getting owned by this barb?  :unknw:  My bow is +9, and I can't even knock him to half health... well, not to worry. When he comes on to rub it in my face, I'll play the "hes jealous" card. It gets them every time.  :crazy:

  5. Theres only one time i will run... And that is if there is no mayonnaise for chili dogs :(


    Throw on a yellow raincoat while you're at it. While you're running we can all scream taxi and point at you.  ;D

  6. The minimun range of charge is 3 yards now. So you kind of have to be a little exact on distance; less than 3 yards and charge will cancel click, more than 4-5 yards and it'll most likely be too far away.


    The stun % has increased to 50% on max. Which is nice... until you try to use charge, and find it cancel clicking.  :facepalm:


    Simply put, charge just works whenever it ducking wants. Some times it'll work like a charm, other times its unbelievable! Last night I was chasing Rangerweed above t4. I get caught in a trap, but charge was up. He was 3 yards away and increasing, but omg... charge cancel clicked 4 ducking times!! I was spamming the ducking button and it just refused to work! And Rangerweed managed to get away as a result.  :bomb:

    Plus when you're not spamming the button and it cancel clicks, it ducks you all up because it makes you wonder if you forgot to press in the first place.


    I noticed that charge may have a better shot at working if you're trying to charge ahead in a straight line. Otherwise all I can suggest is... just spam the button until it works.  :bad:

  7. This is your great accomplishment that says you're a pro?  :facepalm:  What a pathetic joke.


    My solo raids in elfland last half hour at least to an hour, and I kill everything in sight (and escape outnumbering situations). From lvl 1 to lvl 20. Think I'm shitting you? Look up Another Day with Zythus, day 1, Benny Hill raid.

    The other day I killed 40-ish elves alone over the span of 2 hours  :bad: :bad: :bad:


    This one you took 11 seconds to kill one rogue with terrible armor.  :facepalm:


    #1 Pro player? #1 Pro pretender!  :facepalm:


    Im only satisfied with my ratio. Im in top 5 rank in  arena 2vs2 with one of the best ratios in server (1003/1156, 86.7% wins). So I think Barb is not a bad class for arena, just people dont like Barb, or most of them only know to cry cause charge fails a lot. I know, charge sucks, but Barb can win in arena, we have other four skills to use.


    With all due respect Machote... I say you should try facing shaman/lock in arena before saying barbs can win in it.

    I got 23.4% resil, 2954 def, and 482 attack and I die like a dog in arena.

    Shaman/lock: Me and Zhu tried 6 different strategies in 14+ matches. We didn't even manage to kill one.

    Not convinced? Me and Afro, 4 wins out of 12+ matches

    And you know me, I don't charge in headfirst and rely on brute force like Lieukaka does. Even you admitted some time ago in pvp cave that I have a very fast charge.


    My opinion: Barb is the only class that has a jester hat for a skill icon, and I say that icon sums up the class very neatly: a joke. Please tell me I'm wrong...  :facepalm:

  9. You lost me with your assumption that im deeply religous and believe in just words of a book


    But then again thats what most people do when something abstract comes up that cant easily be defined by science or logic and or conflicts with your proud belief in your self and thoughts

    sounds just like what religious people do


    If you dont see what pride does wrong then you never read history


    Pride is more like a 2 sided coin.

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