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  1. I haven't done, so first I have to hit -1450 chainless league, then do hard tower quest and then I'll can travel to Ayvondil to do rest quests?
  2. Ooo! That's cool! I just traveled to Ayvondil and look around twon but I couldn't find any quest to take :( Also on map I can't see any "!". Any idea?
  3. Hi. I haven't played Warspear for like 2 years or so. These days max lv was 22 if Im not wrong. I stoped at 20lv and mostly there was end game map called Irselnort and lvling up was simple by doing everyday daily quests around Irselnort and Labolaroty. Is there new main-quest story line or new map to do daily quests on? How goes labolatory now and if still worth to do it daiily? Also I have like 50k gold so not much. Is there fresh and kinda fast possibility to earn money as f2p player? ^^ Have a nice day ^^
  4. Unbinding all items would be not good, max 3 items per character is fine I think ^^ :)
  5. Hi there! I had alot of thinking about what is going on with Warspear, how payment model goes, and I'm shocked. As We all know, p2w in MMO's is kinda common thing and we can say same about Warspear. We love this game, it's best game in google play without of whole auto-combat crap. Not every MMO can be proud of fully working item-shop that players accept it more or less and I don't undestand it at all. But hey! It's better to have huge community than load wallet with few thousand of players? isn't? Yeah, it is. My first sugestion is make unbinding item's more attactive with not losing it's + by using this option. To make this idea real for f2p players is do Legendary quest which provide item called "soulbound cystal". This item will have possibility to unbind one item without losing it's +. How to get it? Not simple? Why? Because if it was simple, alot of items would run into merchant and destroy economy. To do this quest, you have to kill for exampe 5+ bosses around the world, chosed randomly by NPC but those mobs cannot have less than X hp. This also will make possibility to take team and farm bosses that we forgot about. Sounds fun, right? Hell yeah! My second idea is deleting timer in dungeons. It's brutally bad. New players or f2p players cannot enjoy event dungeons as p2w players. Why? Nobody wants to do one dungeon for 2 stamina right? right. So people looking for "good dps" and it discriminate low geared players. Aigrind would lose nothing by deleting this timer. People who wants buy stamina elixir will buy it, people who are f2p and cannot affort it will not buy it or buy it from other player. Bad things happens in dungeons, someone will die or got DC/lag and 2 stamina is for sure gone because everything has to be as fast as possible. It's stressful and making bad feeling about game when actually you lost unnecesary stamina. Without stressful and painful for low geared timer, dungeons gonna be more fun to do! Cool, right? :) My next sugestion is deposit between characters. Would be uber cool to see chest that waiting for you in the middle of the town, to open it and see stuff from other characters on your account! There is nothing to tell more about that :) My last sugestion is possibility to talk with enemy fraction in section /say. We all have at least one friend in MC's or Elf's and we miss to talk to without reloggin to other character. Would be cool if we meet them on battleground and say "Hi" before they will die from our hand ^^ I hope someone higher than moderators will see it because those idea's are quite fine and fair Aigrind won't lose anything and f2p player's will more enjoy this fantastic game :)
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