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  1. It is in the year of 3040 and the world dominated by Artificial intelligence and military world by high level tech due to frequent inter nation clashes. Japan, was one of the leading country in terms to tech and power. But even with all the power they had their culture and values tend to fade away and many started to forget their culture but the clan of samurais in Kyoto who were protectors of the legendary " Mikazuki" sword which is also one the" Five Swords under Heaven" ever since the Edo period is pawned by a lousy descendent who no longer have interest on culture and old things. His son ever since his childhood thirst for what they were and how the world was before everything is Artificial and lifeless. He eventually learned about his clan's history and how the Mikazuki was given away foolishly. He learned the art of Jujitsu and Ninjutsu from the old books buried in his grandfather's locker and then One day set out to find the " Mikazuki", the pride of his clan and bring it home. No matter where it is. From Earth to Mars or other Stars he passionately seek it, as an obsession or madness. At an unexpected Event from a ship malfunction he stumbled upon the world of Arinar. A place where Elves and other lifeforms live in a tech-undominated world. It is everything as he ever wish to see, ever since he was a child. But since his quest cannot be abandoned like a man throws away his luggages for the ship not to sink his quest still is active but the world of Arinar feels more and more like home and he never is more unsure of his future like he is now...
  2. Additional Image resource and sketches can be supplied if required :)
  3. I was a travelling mercenary working for a company at Arinar,in most of my days i travel to fight for people i don't know.One day i was to be posted for duty at Ayvondil for about a week or so.In order to avoid a storm on eastern sea,we are forced to travel west upwards, this part of the sea is known as the most dangerous sea in all of Arinar and is uncharted.Going in these seas,we thought it would save us our lives but on the contrary it took the lives of some of my best comrades,this part of the sea is uncharted for a good reason. It is quite hard for me and heartbreaking for me to write what i saw on and under the seas,well,to start off with,Me and my mates encountered a Kraken which none of expected,and hell! were its tentacles huge,one swing of it havoc our ship to bits!.They're dead,my comrades were dead!.And there I was,with the only person left of my comrades,a coward he was.As we sunk underneath the sea,thought it would be the last thing we'll ever see,just water. As water fill my lungs i am near to my death,and on that moment a current surrounded me and my mate,and i started coughing and coughing and then i realised i could breathe,how crazy is that! In that moment rather than thinking that im alive i wonder who and what did that whilst looking at the constantly moving current green and blue it was,and there i saw,beneath the coral rocks a lady,an octopus,or both pale with its hue,although i have no idea what it whowas and it was i could hear her thoughts and she can hear mine,so,we were telephatically communicating,how crazy is that!.She told me that she find something in me that she found in no one.As i further ask her why she really saved me,she said " You must stop the Tyrant of the sea,cruel he is,unjust he is,kill him and the creatures of the depth shall be in your debt,this i ask you".And on that moment i knew my purpose is here underneath the sea,the creature blessed me to be able to breathe underwater,move as the natives and i started my journey to stop the Tyrant.With the journey continuing i created a better connection with the being who has been assisting and helping on my whole journey,only because of her i survive,i knew that she wishes to follow me and assist me in my mission to vanquish evil,and she knows that the tyrant of the sea is just one of them. Lasi of the Depth-Healer Skill 1: Shriek of Fury: The Lasi shrieks at enemies attacking(Depending on the number of enemies attacking the hero)knocking them back and causing a debuff "Vulnerability of the underneath" which makes them more vulnerable to recieve random debuff from the hero's attack. Skill 2: Rejuvenation of the Current: The Lasi casts a consecutive healing,three times. First : It resores less hp Second: It restores moderate amount of hp Third: The Lasi is at her peak of healing.The third healing protects the hero with a shield. Skill 3: Blessing of the Sea: With the blessing from an indigenous being the hero is more free to move about,increases movement speed by 20%.The Lasi conjure a line which is unpassable by enemies. Skill 4: Invigorating stream. Since i am really poor at Pixel art and unavailability of touch-Pen inputs,etc. I am just submitting my work and idea rather than not joining,i hope its acceptable 😊😊😊 Ty so much for peeking here.😘 IGN: Renglalz (US-SAPPHIRE)
  4. didnt know where to shrink the img size,used some app,as its displayee above,it only shows.link that cannot be accessible
  5. It was like just a normal day in the city of Altgard,the birds chirping,the hustling bustling noise of the market,the noise of an iron being hammered by the blacksmith,chatterings,jestings,laughters..etc.. but it was no ordinary day,a strange boy wearing a yellow jacket with a cap and with sunglasses walked down the street, everybody were so surprised,most people wondered who the heck is this strange weird looking guy,while some think he's kinda looking cool.The same question were asked among themselves,well,nobody knows,so they decided to ask him who he was and where he was from,he just answered," I am from the far future,of course none of you will understand what im talking about",then,he started explaining how he ended in the city,how his friend's time machine which was meant for a prank was spelled by something ancient,how he is trap in Arinar,but he doesnt seem panicking or sad,he is still cool as he is,just walkin the streets like its his world. The people cannot stop staring at him,of course some ladies started to like him.......... His jacket is of course made of cotton,and a little synthetic fibre,while,his cap is made of gold linen,gold threads and pure cotton,his pants is made of wool and cotton,and his sneakers are made of synthetic and a little magic to enhance walking,his sunglasses are made of...glass,you know,to look dope ,coolness,XD ,, [The W logo in the cap is removed at the updated image as it cannot fix as well as expected as the pixel squares are reduced] Well,thats it,i cant think of any other way to continue the story, i know its not that...... I hope you like my Costume ;) ,Thank you. Name: Renglalz Server: Us sapphire Note: The ones with the lesser pixels are the updated version.
  6. Can u post a female model, cause im trying to work on a girl custome
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