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  1. Those rangers....... :facepalm: They should've used blessing sooner. That way you would've been probably dead before u got to them.
  2. It must be rare to win against two rangers. Otherwise u wudn't take screenshot ;D Anyway, I didn't ask for any proof. I asked what tatics u used. Or maybe one of the rangers got lag.
  3. You can't move your character to another server. If you wanna play in a different server then create a new char there .
  4. To the devs aka Gods of Warspear- Can you pls fix market so that we can see the name of players who add offers? This way we can renegotiate deals. Thanks :)
  5. I loooooooooovvvvve crit heal ;D ;D ;D ;D My lvl 10 druid healed 141 and 245 when solo fighting necro. Normal heal is 121 :yahoo: P.S. May I add that when fighting in lvl 10 arena my druid partner healed 1k in total? ;D
  6. I didn't notice that 'god shake' when I first read this topic. Thx for pointing out bro, where can I get god shake pls? :lol:
  7. Server unavailable :( I hope it wont take more than two hours
  8. FB- ask sorsha at kamp riff :) 04.06.12
  9. I'm making a druid guys. I wanna be good in farming. I'm planning to build 3 lightning, 5 heal, 5 bees when lvl 18. What do you think? :) And what about gears? I saw that cc gloves has astral bonus, so should I buy it first? I need help to decide about other items too. And what enchants should I use? Thanks in advance :friends:
  10. Nice idea about the flag and first town commander drop :) I'm glad you like the leader idea ;D I've been thinking about how this leader system should work. Here are a few suggestions- 1. Leader must be lvl 20. 2. All lvl 15+ players can nominate someone as leader. When a candidate has votes of people whose sum of lvl is 500 he becomes a war leader and automatically gets Command Chat. He can choose two other people as his lieutenant. Only these three persons can use Command/war chat and they'll have this status till the time of the next daily quest reset. 3. A person can't be war leader for more than once a week. 4. If someone wants to nominate a war leader then he should be able to do so by clicking on that person's name and select 'nominate'. I mean this should work like inviting or sending pm. 5. In menu-society there should also be another tab for war leader. So that whenever anyone logs in he'll know if there is any war leader and leader's name. I think this game gonna be cooler if command chat and war leader comes. And it'll be good for aigrind too. Becuz whoever becomes war leader will surely buy health pots so he can last longer in war ;D
  11. By helping elf do u mean spying or helping elf in quests?
  12. Sorry bro, I forgot to post earlier becuz I was busy raising my druid :D FB- ask velaid. He's located left from kamp riff. 03.06.12
  13. Nice thread bro :friends: When I go to war I always try to stay close to the leader. But it's so difficult to pick them out from the cluster of people :wacko: And the flow of players gradually get thin... Yesterday when we got to puma valley we were like 20 ppl. But when we started up from western caravan we were at least 50. War chat and war commander can really help. It'd be also nice if war leader can have some sort of sign over his head so that everyone can follow him. Enemy players can see this sign too. So they'll try to kill him and every ally players will try to protect their Commander.
  14. FB- go one map down from where fitch, ailment are and ask gamark. 02.06.12
  15. Tess

    Future of bd

    Has anyone noticed that of all the tank classes only bd cant wield shield? Of course that's obvious becuz bd's name suggest that it uses only swords. But at the same time it's also true that using shield means more heal+more def. Shield and axe is better for farming than two swords.
  16. Tess

    Future of bd

    whatever, I think bd needs a new and improved skill. It's not fair because it looks like bd is gonna be a useless class. It's already bad enough that bd isn't as suitable for pvp as many other classes are. But that was ok when bd was the only tank for fb. And now the devs gonna make bd suck at farm too :facepalm:
  17. FB- chris at normakon. 01.06.12
  18. FB- danair at nadir. 31.05.12 I hate Gwido when he gives Berengar's Treatise quest instead of relic :bad:
  19. Tess

    Future of bd

    so, correct me if I'm wrong, the summery is- BD is DOOMED :facepalm: The healer classes certainly seem super cool now because of crit heal. I'm so confused. What class shud I choose? I'm not much into pvp. If I choose a druid/shaman now I gotta start over again :( Or maybe I can keep my ranger...... My ranger already has enough ap to buy arena bow....... It's so damn confusingggggggg
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