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  1. Unopened letters will be deleted after 30 days since receiving.

    Gifts from Mentor can be received only if previous letter was opened.



    well, i always open my letter, just not sent it to bag. hope it not been delete coz i have 1 my first letter keep in there its about 300++ day since i receive it. it my way to check how long i plays this game. :snorlax:

  2. first picture base armor in gold color and accessories is mix gold and red color. im not sure what color appear to your screen coz on my monitor screen show that color ::)

    so what u say.? like it.? no.? :pardon:







    made from special iron plate that ten time light weight and stronger than ordinary iron plate.

    this special iron plate are made from mixing 50 types of iron source.

    any weapon can't penetrate this armor.





    new add.

    -random color





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