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  1. Hi everyone So i made a topic long ago about that iwas frustrated with my sham char cuz i didnt know how can i get gold to be better but many nice ppl told me that ineed to lvl and go swamps cuz it really gives alot of gold with bit of luck and idid that and the result was good igot finally sw gear (hood and armor) and lv22 ring and ihve good hp and lv22 staff too but i think iran into another problem . I decided that iwill max my char so ineed better gear and my sham still has star piligrim boots and gauntlets so idont know what gear to buy beyond lv22 so pls someone help :/ and i
  2. I wanna talk about something important in this game , its tht some players say that is a p2w game and sadly this is true :( becuase now all pro players are actually mcoin users and also 80% of the players are non-mcoin users :( and this is very bad . As an example im a lvl19 shaman with 316 mgic dmg and barely hve heal totem and iwanna farm bg normal so ican get gold and become a pro and i pm a pt leader but another sham pm him and he invites him and ignores me why? Becuase this sham is pro lvl 18 mcoin user with 380+ mgic dmg with high amp :/ and he is farming like me So is tht fair
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