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  1. Both cybernem and snipedown are very strong and use their classes well to their play style. I've beat em both and I've lost to both. I personally think the names chosen for top players for each class are accurate. I've worked hard to get my rogue where he is and I'm proud  ::). Ya I've spent insane amounts of money but I've also played for 5yrs so I consider myself to have great ws knowledge. Tho I do agree there are some that drop cash first and forget to learn the basics but why ♥♥♥♥♥ about them? Thank em for contributing to the server and move on because they most likely won't last anyways. Anyways thx for the nominations :give_rose: Cya ingame  :drinks:

  2. Hey midgee before u leave warspear plz give my runic staff to khanzel tell him ill pick it up from him at some point when we are on at the same time.

  3. Chains definitely needs stun..its not a big change so just do it lol and while youre doing that hurry up and update teleport like you said 2 updates ago..teleport update will be the demise of warlocks  :diablo:

  4. Just so everyone knows any of you can host an event it doesn't have to be me or khanzel just let khan know when you want your event to take place and he will gather everyone. We also accept donations from clan members and all donations will go towards clan events  :drinks:

  5. Great event guys  ::) went a little faster then i expected lol but next one will be a little more difficult but the prize will also be bigger  ;D.


    We are TSP!  :dirol:



  6. Sorry I missed meeting and event guys we had a bad snow storm and I lost power and phone had no service. But everything is back on so see you guys in game.

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