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  1. Yossaa

    New Player!

    Yeah, thank again for that. I have meam Party and Guild from the same country, make it more fun
  2. Yossaa

    New Player!

    Yeah, i know. I mean, i can pratice in SEA Pearl, thats why im in SEA Pearl. Like, im dying without Comrade. So when i go to US-Sapphire, i m not dying like in SEA-P. And thank you about that information, "the most active English servers r..". Im shock when people us Russian Language, i think hahaha. *move to US
  3. Yossaa

    New Player!

    Yo! Newbie here! I love to being Supporter, so i choose Chosen - Priest. And bsc Priest doesnt amplify many damage, its realy hard to kill bosses, and now im stuck. I realy need ally, or Guild. I have read some guide, that you just dont die and dont spent your gold too much until Irselot (i guest), but now im dying. IGN : Yossaa Lvl : 7 Server : SEA Pearl *edit IGN: Yossaa Lvl: 3 Server: US-Sapphire
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