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  1. My friend also likes playing asa mage so it's hard for us to decide the roles to choose
  2. I also think mages are OP in PvE, but in this game we are not fighting mobs in crowd, so is it it still OP? I am still new so maybe there are some debuffs, etc helping them to become OP, please mention those(along with faction, I'm new so don't use short forms, I will never get them lol) . My friend and me are dying to play so can't really wait lol EDIT :- And by Mage you all are referring to Warlocks/Mages, right? Or Druid/Necromancer? And also suggest class for my friend, we play together so our class roles will probably canceling out each other's flaws. I don't know iif it's really needed here, if it's not, we would get same class Haha.
  3. I am actually here coz of hard PvE stuffs in game. I have many better PvP MMOs to play but I like killing bosses with strategic party in spite of fighting each other. So yeah I'm gonna go with PvE build :)
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I have a gamer friend much like me (little mmore social and prefers to stick with a particular game series). He and me plays all MMOs together usually wwith identical names. And I tried Warspear long ago and chose US that time and I noticed the population difference. I wwant some suggestions on what to choose as my class/faction. Last time I was Druid while he played role of Ranger, he usually hit mobs (AOEs doesn't seems to matter here except dungeons) while I kept him healthy and supported him with roots, etc. . We are pretty busy always so I would like quick reply, it's fine either though. Thanks in advance guys! ^^
  5. Hi there Arinarians! I'm Deepak Sharma, an highschool student from India. I play on SEA server. I'm a fan of JRPGs, with either absorbing storyline or hardcore gameplay requiring lot of practice. I also play some bullet hells and other hardcore retros. Modern games doesn't either appeal me because older ones are hard and have better storyline , and being highschool student of poor country I can't get latest game either lol. I am fan of MMOs too but again the subscription is expensive for here and Internet is a luxury . So I searched for mobile MMORPGs. I guess I have covered 80% of mobile MMOs and capped most of them but at last was pretty bored. I got to know about warspear and liked it a lot except that it has less players. I will like to get to know more about this amazing warspear community. I am new to such MMORPG so yah I'm not good in playing. But I'm learning and I hope pros here will help me. Nice to meet yah all. Sorry for such long introduction though, my friend is offline to play with so thought to introduce myself lol See yah all in game!
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