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  1. Game will assume that you want to move then attack, easy solution:befor casting quake, click your current spot ylu are standing then use quake on an area. If you are already locked on, your character will move into range of earthquake :)

  2. i had a conversation about it with my friends in game


    Mentioned i had suggested it on forum


    Decided to bump it again


    Growing commumity, new forum users maybe wouldve liked to see it too


    im happy, u is not, i dont curr

  3. Inmnervate is not magic power lol


    Innervate is a book that does something else, i remember reading it when it was on Tchat


    Probably the book that said the following: chance to refresh cooldown on all skills when an enemy is killed.


    As in, if a skill has a cooldown period active, e.g. heal, and you kill something, it has anchance to instantly finish the cooldown.


    However i am unsure if innervate was the name for that particular skill.

  4. Passive skill books from a while ago


    There was also books for increase phy and magic power; as well as a few other unique skill books. However i do not have the screenshots.







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