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  1. Disagree


    There tanker have 3.8_3.9k hp  with over alot magic def like yins


    You just need to amp! Not more hp


    These are tankers which are using all hp runes on rings and amulet and got lv3 guild health buff.

    Not much people like it since it have bad stats

  2. The skill description is so good


    Illumination - Makes all enemies in the radius of Illumination effect to attack the paladin. Resurrected monsters and cursed characters get magic damage from the skill.


    I have tested many times and the skill doesn't make all enemies in the radius attack the paladin.

    Monsters never change target to me.

    Aggression level 1 is better to make monster attack me :(


    For an EXPERT skill and have to pay 40k gold, its an expensive skill and it should worth to get, please fix it as skill description.


  3. The skill taunt and damage all resurrected creatures and cursed creatures.

    Based on the tests, the creatures as follows:


    Resurrected creatures: any minion

    Cursed creatures: all forsaken classes, undead, corrupted (Ashalar and his army, Disrush and his army)


    Please let me know if there is another mobs type affected by the skill.


    I don't know the taunt duration of the skill at lv 3


    The ss show the damage at lv 3 and 90 magic power


  4. Today i learned warlock new skill, sow my new skill makes whit 3/4 skill and i +8 doom 161 dmg  (20dmg up from 1/4) and it steals like 2-5% mana to enemy (whan priest can steal mana fully in 1 skill use by normal skill) And i see its fuc**** imposible to see how much it changed by few updates. warlocks becose (like few friends say '' toys of healers'') so how magic damage dealers can so fast die by a healer class... its ******* not true how this game changed...I play for a warlock for a long time and used all my time to gear up my char... and now its seems i need to change class.. but i dont want to do this bcose i love warlocks... And im not going to change my class. so best way to this is quiting if its not going to change...So please make warlocks strong again or fix there skils, so me and others can play it again and not change class evary update whan other class become ''OP''.


    funny guy

  5. But seriously, DK skill isn't gud at all. It does so low dmg, and has no difference from skill lvl 1 and skill lvl 3. Seriously. At least increase the dmg. Even druis bees does more dmg than this expert DK skill.



    Melee class at good stats the magic around 100.

    Devs should tweak the damage formula.

    40-50 magic damage is embarrassing

  6. yea, most people would say "noob build, get owned by casters hahahaha"

    but those who know me also know they I always take the path less traveled :spiteful:

    because fudge blending in


    only noobs will say this build is noob. High parry and dodge is all around fighter build for sure

  7. if u gona go full block, ull lose resi and astral, 12.9%full block and shit on dangerous it barely actives, i would get full critic hits on me before 1block activates


    arena set + mace u can get 12%+ block and 72-90 astral depend on cloak, its powerful in pvp.

    if u wanna be a tank in farming party then use bg endurance set, cheap and powerful enough with natural magic def

  8. So You don't count that;

    - you have controll too

    - skills that help u reach enemy as dk/barb/rogue for example.

    - you can reach 500+ dmg and A LOT penetration so it's not always depend on enemy's armor

    - more hp than casters

    - melee have cheaper dd/he gear so they can put more money into amping


    Now all changed; don't think that melee were bad or they're now or they will be because it's not true.


    Hey if you comparing your self with bd or rogue they are suffer to amp 2 weapons while you only amp 1 staff.

    Dont judge other class before you know how it feels.

    +10 amp on ring or amulet too powerful you said? Should be like that bro, its +10!! Imagine how much money to spend there

    People at +10 should be Godly nuff said

  9. So far I like the update in term of nerving the heal of lower amp since nowadays doing lab run is so easy and makes so crowd in eye.

    With this update only pro with low amp can do the run, because even you are high amped but if you cant play in a team would bring disaster.


    But for variation of items its very bad, all staff looks similar, only cool down stat makes it different.

    Amulet & rings lost its potential, some good become worst after update.


    The most bad thing is that lv19 ruberius cloak become not so special  :facepalm: compared to cheap lv17 astral cloak


    Go and count more a bit; magic defence runes, rings (x2), amulet, eq parts with magic defence, cape all can be up +1-10. You can get more magic defence than normal armor now!



    Yes we have been buffed by this ~+100 heal (necro) and ~60+ (shaman) but compare with magic dmg its sucks anyway.


    Answer me now, how much damage minimum to overcome that heal amount so a melee can kill healer?

    It need high amp weapon, especially for 1h type.

    Otherwise any healer can stand in the place and heal and immortal!

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