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  1. this is a good idea since most of mmorpg using threat system.

    all kind of tank attacks should generate threat more to get attention of the boss.

    or make the tank's attack have a chance to taunt the monster.



    the tank system now is only based on the highest dps which too easy to predict and not so fun.

    weird that a healer/damager tanking boss, well maybe you can't find like this in WoW or other great mmorpg because its not their role in the game.





  2. let the new skill at lv1 to replace ur standard taunt and you will be happy not so confuse with skills distribution.

    i compared spear & mace, mace is more versatile in combat since spear need high dodge vs range classes.

    but using spear is fun because of high heal & crit chance as gabraunth opinion



    pala is badass in arena because of foj

  3. If you want to have a high damage output paladin you should compensate with at least have aura lv3 so in the party you are able to do high damage while give the whole party healing bonus

  4. Illumination only make your pvp opponent lose the target, but most people always tap on the opponent to avoid the taunt effect.

    Paladin is a tank class, and if illumination can taunt monsters around it for some times would be a huge advantage for any kind of shield wielders.


    Illumination description is it will make surrounding monsters attack the paladin for some of time but it's doesn't work


  5. I would say

    5 - Purify

    4 - FoJ

    3 - Aura

    4 - Heal --> 2 (mine)

    1 - Illumination --> 3 (mine, because I use 1h/shield but this skill is waste since it doesn't taunt anything)


    Its all around paladin, you will be needed for most hunting party/ dungeon run with lv3 aura and you will be tough in solo questing.

    FoJ at 4 is good enough to catch sneaky rogues and crossers.


    I suggest you focusing amp on 1h mace rather than 2h mace. Mace is the highest damage 1h weapon type in the game so believe on it, shield is your another best defense.

  6. I spent the whole night in pvp cave with DK. I set Illumination to its bottom level and still got 150 dmg on DK each and every time I used it. If you aint gonna try it then shut up with all the bull. This skill rocks. If you set it to lvl5 im sure you can get at least 300-400 dmg. ♥♥♥♥in awsome skill.


    Illumination doesn't work as the skill description.

    The damage for sure is a huge advantage in combat with any undead entity as I mentioned in the 1st page.


    The problem is in the PvE this skill won't taunt any mobs which is means it's not a tank skill, it's a damage skill for certain type of enemy.

    This is my concern since I start this topic.


    Btw, I put the skill at 3/4 since it's launched

  7. After using the skill in many various situations I started to realize that this skills primary focus is to be used against Chosen's arch enemy. So players like Dk, Warlock, and Necro will be effected the most out of this skill. And for all those pala who find it extremely difficult to pvp with high amped DK's and their sweet skill setup, we now have a skill that causes decent damage, offsets their combos and timing.



    Pvp with Dk:

    If used at the right time can prevent dk from getting distance to use threads (as dk begins to walk away use illumination to bring him back, followed by fetters and yeah you know the rest). Work this skill into your combos but from an enemy's skill stand point, and you may see how it should be applied correctly.





    It's obvious that this is what Devs intended to do. And I'm sure all the new skills play a certain role in balancing the game whilst still keeping it a diverse game.


    Bro, the skill won't bring back anyone, it only loose your opponent target just like persuasion in PvP and do some damage for forsaken classes.

    In PvE the skill won't bring any monster to you which is doesn't work as in the skill description.

    As I have mentioned in the first page, you can see the list of what kind creatures and faction would be affected by the skill.


  8. Mace has the highest 1h weapon damage output in the game.

    If you plan to build a "jack of all trades" paladin then you need to pick mace as your primary weapon.

    Unless you are a rich person that can amp very high mace and hammer with different set.

    I am full arena gear built paladin and its very strong both in PvP and PvE. Its a single set gears for all situation.

    But since the update with magic resistance come in handy, I am starting to use set gears which makes me more versatile in all situation.


    Ofc my strength focus is "BLOCK"


    Well, you are not invincible but you are very tough for sure...DK is your toy if you have illumination  ;D

  9. this is the best place to grow hate between factions...how?

    just standing there and if you see anyone near to death just help to give the final blow...trust me, its feel good  ;D just like a sneaky rogue killing low level players in one blow


    but..I'm saying this because I hate mcsaken and I don't have any alliance with them  :tease:


    Crap post.



    The skill is not useless, works just fine for me. It's not supposed to destroy everything in sight. it's just a skill that you need to learn how to work into your current combo's. I use it in arena and it is almost like fetters only prevents the enemy from attacking other party members for a long enough time to have a better chance at winning. Remember pala is a support class, so why are we expecting them to give us a non support skill.



    I say leave the skill. Not to mention this skill is maybe more suitable for a tanking pala being 1 hand and shield.



    I payed close attention to this skill, it is a little similar to dk's skill (the one that makes you lose your target). Only you don't have to re-select your target, only your attacking direction is temporarily shifted. Also i'm sure it fails sometimes too, like all skills. I wouldn't say it only works on certain classes.


    I'm jealous to you... maybe you got client version 3.5 right there

  11. So how could yins get 3.7k hp and rape all caster and melles he pvp? I dont think it will have bad stats if your smart and know how use it!



    That how this game run


    Be rich. Be pro!


    You don't need to be smart as a caster with 3k hp vs any melee class bro...

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