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  1. It said that you cannot create those faction anymore because its too many :(

    Until when its close?

    Its unfair if this happen because in mc/forsaken side less player.

    This is not happen in other server.

    GM cannot control the population by doing this. Its about the community in the faction, for me I dont like to play mc/forsaken because many jerks playing there while elf faction is not like that.

    Sigh....I cant believe GM does not let anyone playing as firstborn/chosen.

    Its unfair for new player coming to the game and also consider in firstborn/chosen  many inactive chars there.

  2. i understood it perfectly, btw saw the vid, and it pretty much works for a max of 3-4 hits.


    you say a mob hit can make it be a waste, but what about it taking to 0 a critical from rogue? cause it will avoid you to get hit from whatever comes, being the damage 1 or 9999, you will get 0.


    tornado is 7x7, same on paladin banner, i tested many times. my doubt actually is between 7x7 or 9x9, but my guess is 7x7 for lvl 1 or 2, lvl 3 or 4 it is 9x9.


    wonder how you going to avoid that, even to try and make the person miss the skill you gonna walk into this huge area, there is no escape.


    I am happy if most mcsaken players just like this guy.

    Complaining, whining without doing proper research...7x7...9x9... LOL hilarious...

  3. I called it pop-up traps. Once you miss tap on buy button it wont't be any confirmation you will buy whatever it is. This is disappointing for players yet its a happy time for the warspear team since they got the money although in a bad way

  4. Since in the same server, the char name is unique.

    Might be possible we could send mail,gold,item to enemy faction char (based on the char name).

    It would be really helpful.

    I don't mind if I need to pay for this feature.

  5. Imo dk design for 1h/shield to maximize the stun talent.

    The setup is similar with pala with balance magic stat since dk can use mace now which is so damn strong.

    Most ppl amused with high damage by 2h but they dont consider about how op block stat is and higher dps of mace compare to 2h.

    Death call, steel hurricane is awesome dps if setup with perfect gears.

    Set 1 death call if your magic low and set 3 on hurricane.

    Although low damage on death call but it can be used to tank adds in dungeon.

    DK with 1h can reach 160 magic while 220 with spear thus the death call damage need to be consider.

    Plus the cd is only 14 secs.

    DK is dps tanker for sure with perfect setup

  6. Its rock to get all unnecessary dungeon mobs targeting you instead of targeting your dps in the team in 4x4 area.

    At lv1 with 90 magic do 4 x 145 damage in 5 secs and decrease all the mobs def around 20% thus increasing your team damage.

    Tried with magic around 120 the damage increase to 175.

    The problem is the 40 secs cd

  7. I don't know why you said DK is the worst class and left behind.

    In fact...DK is a tank with highest damage output. With a perfect set, it can hold aggro as tank should be, not like other tank classes.

    DK has 4 attack skills!!

    1st & 2nd skills + 2 expert skills.

    I plan to play my DK again because of its awesome skills

  8. Would be wonderful if player can send gold/item by mail to other player.

    Player can open their mailbox and receive the gift after some times.

    Just like when we received our daily gift or sold something in the market.


    Please consider this feature available in the future

  9. Please fix it. It happen in all server.

    The game so slow and disconnected often.

    Its difficult to login each time disconnected.

    It happen since last update and since then I cant play with fun.

    I paid a lot of money so please make it comfort to play

  10. Dear R0land,


    Is it possible to transfer character to other server?

    I would pay if necessary.

    Make a new account ID for the character want to be moved and delete all the friend list and quest status.

    The character will move with its equipments.

    Would be wonderful feature



  11. I stick to what i said...


    U can keep sayin funny remarks but not gonna change the fact that necro's arent a really good class for pvp.


    Here's a lil vid For Giovanna  :lol: ..

    Keep sayin +8 necro's can beat +10 rangers... :facepalm:  " Nuff said ".



    wth this necro so noob.

    she combo nightmare follow by other skills, she just don't know how to use necro

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