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  1. But Kim we already proved we can kill 2rangers vs me n u bds  8)

    count me in noobliskin  :blush:




    Vcut lvl 20 BD,





    and please if theres 2v2,then no "2 RANGERS ALLOWED" ,haha be balance,atleast 1 melee,1 ranger,1 druid each team, just a sudgestion tho,its up to you  8)


  2. 7TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS  :aggressive:

    This is for ALL level 19-20 MC/FORSAKEN AND ELF/CHOSEN

    I will organize all the names you list

    please leave your character names and class and level

    we compete on 3v3 matches 1v1 pvp

    Best of three matches

    Best of five final matches

    will be FFA 1v1

    jwill be class battles vs each same example bd vs bd

    shaman vs shaman. We will also have 5v5 team  :drinks:. And more

    .. also

    i hope for feedback to progress this and volunteers to help organize

    I will be setting prizes for the first place winners from my pocket


    Lets get moving and keep it clean


    Update 10/1


    Entry closed (for now)


    List goes as


    -- Bladedancer -- 19


    Razablade      vcut        cuqz    xmoonlight 

    Savageking    pliskin      philliplou    sergeisnp

    Kupidoll        dmarzo      jaw          ajaibzzz

    Syntoot        xxpinoyxx    problader  teamo

            sayainking    nepz      xurgellesx




    -- Barbarian -- 11


    Edstark        chrismo        zythus      cypresshil

    Anihalator    mikgle      jakeknight    sakuragih

    djghost        razorback  daciousx



    -- Rogue -- 14

    Sneakyme        tylerrogue      manley        kiriii

    stupendous      naranja        sico              jonaph

    fluguy              hanamitchi    duoblade    zydirk

    sixshadow      mymelody




    Nessah            reu            absynthe        lordbloody

    bellato        xspiritx        analyze              thizzin

    timeuss        pummy        blueborn        variance

    lindana        horniig



    --Shaman-- 5

    sharkin      Brilliant        yimmio      patahhati




    --Druid-- 7

    Whitez        saffo      icekiller   

    Poley      vicboss      boogiez  yipi



    --paladin-- 2

    Ohighflow    nezerr





    Here is the same class fight lists



    Nepz vs Ajaibzzz -- nepz 2-0

    Sergeisnp vs drlfetih(ban) -- sergeisnp

    vcut vs xmoonlight -- vcut 2-0

    sayianking vs xurgellesx

    pliskin vs xxpinoyxx -- pliskin 2-0

    philliplou vs syntoot -- philliplou 2-0

    jaw vs problader

    Savageking vs dmarzo -- 1-0

    Teamo vs razablade

    Kupidoll vs cuqZ




    Edstark vs chrismo

    anihalator vs daciousx

    mikgle vs djghost

    razorback vs sakuragih

    jakeknight vs cypresshil




    Sneakyme vs duoblade

    mymelody vs sixshadow

    hanamitchi vs tylerogue -- tylerrogue 2-0

    manley vs jonaph

    kiriii vs sico

    fluguy vs zydirk

    Naranja vs stupendous



    Absynthe vs variance

    lindana vs bellato

    Blueborn  vs nessah -- blueborn 2-1

    lordbloody vs horniig

    Analyze vs xspiritx

    thizzin vs pummy -- thizzin 2-1

    reu vs timeuss -- Reu 2-1



    yimmio vs sharkin

    patahatti vs Brilliant

    ultimecia vs (winner shark vs yim)



    Vicboss vs boogiez

    poley vs whitez

    saffo vs icekiller

    yipi vs ( winner of vic vs boog)



    Ohighflow vs nezerr











    you want to know how i keep from quitting?


    I make "end game" characters n farm n buy n kill many then


    I make new character on any side n switch back  for enjoying my investments


    Lets face it


    You pay to play this game


    Enough said


  4. You know you're one of them.....


    I wouldn't be so good at knowing this if I wasn't. What's funny to me is the people who act like they're not.

    I'm a b*stard but at least I admit it. Shameless.


    Anyone can admit to themselves things they've done

    only wise people admit it to others

  5. US SAPPHIRE for best drama. It truly deserves an Academy Award. So many convincing pretenders and complexed insanity,, with the ability to mess up anything good going on for anyone outside the production. Honestly do you have trouble sleeping if you can't cause someone to feel lower than you. I swear some people here only care about themselves and drive everyone to madness and endless strife. And this is only the short version. I'm sure you can imagine the characters or wish you were the lead role.__

  6. Haha people in game seem to think I said I'm the best ever so now if I die they get all stupid and garbage starts coming out of chat. *z*  I think.people got some serious reality problems and self esteem issues. This goes for not just BD TOPIC. People think +10 swords must complete a part of their existence. When I amp an armor above +8 I'm happy but maybe that's just me. Sorry if you need to be the greatest at something. Especially rogues who claim to be the greatest when not  even fought all ;)

  7. this is how bb loves her dad chris  :shok: i never saw her ask sonofag like that specially when she got the Bg Endurance boot fatso wanted so bad  :lol:


    Ohhhh yeaaaah what a sweet birthday present it is.  YIPI is the greatest  :yahoo:

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