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  1. Thanks a lot Radiant, sorry for the delay in replying to your post.. have been away from forum for quite some time.. :drinks:
  2. Avengers were the first guild to make level 2 in EU - Elf Side :good: and also Arena GP got added later. We stand corrected my friend, and best of luck to you guys... :friends:
  3. dirtfox

    lost pasword

    Post the details of your account and whatever you remember about your character names,level , items etc at the following - http://warspear-online.com/en/support (or [email protected])
  4. I have always downloaded " warspear.sisx " file directly from Warspear Online Download page and installed it on my N8 directly without having to do the steps given here. Never had any problems with that. :drinks:
  5. Hi snorlax , Request you to take strict action against people like XCECIL who disturb and don't let others hunt. What's the point in making a 1hour journey in lab .. :facepalm: ?
  6. dirtfox

    tourny problem

    hi Snorlax, I am still waiting for a reply to the above post.. :search:
  7. dirtfox

    tourny problem

    :good: Good job guys.. hope this is fixed asap..cos there's no honour or respect in having something that ain't yours.. By the way in the 1st tournament - TheCore was declared in 3rd position and yet we had not received any casket. There was some issue related to Guild Points not being correctly assigned for lab quests done. Can you please clarify this so that we can close this once and for all. IF we have been officially ranked 3rd then my guild deserves to be awarded with the bronze casket, else request you guys to make the necessary corrections in the list of winners :drinks: .
  8. You really are amazing .. nice signature .. . :good:
  9. Thanks frosty.. :good:
  10. I agree all guilds should have equal chance of winning as its a tournament :good: unlike people with highly amped weapons using Unity Potions, scrolls, pots in arena and winning all the time ....where's the fair play in this?
  11. Hi everybody I am Livefox leader of TheCore and would like to inform all that we were ranked 4th as per the guild ranking on EU - Server. 3rd Position = Hooligans. :good: Don't know the parameters of how ranking was carried out but I sincerely hope this correction is done.. Congrats to all the members from Guild : Hooligans :good: ..
  12. Always welcome bro :drinks:
  13. When are u going to be online... ? :(
  14. :good: but for signs your entry has to be judged
  15. nice one delija :good:
  16. :good: :good: :good: :good: Excellent work
  17. :good: awesome quotes
  18. Enjoy the game and we shall be there sooner then u know.. :friends:
  19. Get back soon buddy not much fun without u around :crazy:
  20. :good: Excellent work Nagur .. Impressed buddy keep it up...
  21. Thanks Ice .. :drinks: Wish u also the best..
  22. Thank you ... as u can see we do care about your eyesight :good:
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