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  1. Get rid of the random teleport please. Its dividing too many friends and groups. It really ruins the experience for players.
  2. What you mean? :unknw: I have android and am playing fine as well as many others
  3. Lol my only complaint is that the rewards are not really that random.. they are rigged for you to get the worst possible pick most of the time. I mean come on devs... Why have option to pick if your just gonna have the game choose the reward anyways? Like prime example is it shows me 2 lvl 18 items in one so that gives me 40% chance to get the items.... Now if my 40% chance to get the items was the same as rangers blessing "40% chance" :pleasantry: then out of my 15 picks I would have 90% lvl 18 gear picks ;D
  4. Lol this prolly some hater who hasn't passed chainless yet ;D always talk shit when can't win huh? :'( Also if your gonna insult and make a fake URL at least spell correctly when you do :facepalm:
  5. :facepalm: not that I'm defending Manley but you are miss understanding what he quote... He quoted reus pvp list that reu wanted to duel, not the entire list.. pay attention..
  6. Wrong. Shamans heal less than druids naturally.
  7. You would have to ask PrettyPinay, she did mine for me and sent me the link and I copy and pasted it. She is pretty good at it
  8. Ha your right, I didn't even notice. Ill have my girl fix it later :good:
  9. Kiyomi - lvl 19 Necro :give_rose:
  10. Lol no lil guy, I killed you because you were attempting to run chainless with your little friends ;) home defense, learn what it means. Trust me you won't be doing anything easy on mc land as long as we are on 8)
  11. I find it funny you can't reveal who you really are and have to use a different name to say something. Why are you ashamed of yourself so badly you can't even use your real character name and have to use a different name? That's what the shameful thing is I think ;)
  12. Lol if you made any sense at all it would be amazing. "Cracked up boyfriend"? What's that supposed to mean? :unknw: I "cracked up" reading your nonsense post that made no sense. So I guess your right, I cracked up ;D kids will be kids I guess
  13. Lol I picked out the song fool, you already know what I listen to. You westcoast anyways manley, what you know about NAS? ;D
  14. You have to items of the same set to acquire the set bonus. You are using 2 Different sets and that is why you are not getting the bonus. You must have 2 items to get the first set bonus and 4 of the same set to get both bonus. As for your shaman, the reason you don't get the regeneration on I'm assuming berengers light gear is because you must have all 4 items (armor, helmet, glove and boot)
  15. Hope y'all enjoy your stay in town, get comfortable there.
  16. Yay thank you. Problem solved after 3.0.5 update including another issue involving opening my physical keyboard. Good job :yahoo:
  17. I just installed 3.0.3 again because I was getting data caching error and reinstalling didn't fix it. I'm still getting the error. Please fix this... On mytouch 4g slide android 2.3 OS.
  18. Shouted everywhere? I posted in one topic about it, you call that shouting everywhere? Idk where this everywhere your talking about is, you must be delusional. I would like you to point out where the rest of the times I said something about beating you besides the most hated thread where I said it for you challenging eisha to pvp. Your making it out like I made it a huge deal like you were important to me and I was starstruck that I killed you or something, trust me that's not the case ;) sorry to say.
  19. :facepalm: lol please dude. Your amped +10 too and still lost to me before 6-1 so my 6 wins plus 5 = 11 still puts me ahead of you at 11-9 AND I'm 2 levels lower than you and you use the things MY team farmed for you then suicided. Thanks for playing but your still not shit and still behind wins :rofl:
  20. Can a dev please say which set this is from :unknw:
  21. Lol uh huh, pretty easy to say behind your computer not exposing who you are. Admit it, your truly the one who's scared pussy. If you wasn't then why you can't reveal yourself? Lol you know what I look like and I ain't scared. I know the exact reason you won't show anyone what you look like because you don't want anyone finding you. Just talk talk talk, that's all you are.
  22. Are you seriously retarded you duckin 12 year old wannabe faggot? Do you know how to read ♥♥♥♥♥? I said "if he came from where I'm from with how racist he is" he wouldn't live. If your from detroit you would know that as well as I do you stupid moron. Never did I say I would kill him, I don't have no reason to kill anyone You won't show a picture of yourself because your scared, your entire arsenol is hiding behind a computer and a phone. What you so scared of you ♥♥♥♥♥? You can't show a picture of yourself because your ashamed of your little weak ass, if you was so hard and wanted to fight so bad in real life then why you so scared to show what you look like? Oh what you scared I'm really gonna catch your ass? Come on ♥♥♥♥♥ reveal yourself. Like I been saying and I'm gonna keep saying about you, your a little ♥♥♥♥♥ kid hiding behind your computer/phone and that's the exact reason you won't show what you look like. You ain't from Detroit. Admit it, you from like grosse point woods right?
  23. 4-6 hours my ass you always on anytime I'm on, please idiot you have no substance in any argument you have. Scare him out? Lol I been trying to get him to show me what he looks like for 5 pages now and he's too scared to do so. Refuse? Naw man I don't have any reason to refuse, when he shows me what he looks like so I can meet him face to face its on. Even if it is a stupid argument over the internet, duck it. You on the other hand can talk as much as you want over in a different country. You probably ain't shit there, you sure as hell ain't shit in the game and if you was from where I'm from and talked all the shit you say you wouldn't even be alive, but that's the beauty of the internet for people like you right? Can talk all that shit and feel safe behind your screen. Keep talking, whatever you say don't even matter.
  24. Far from it but if you think imma fight you on your terms your sadly mistaken.
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