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  1. Well all I know is I'm not upgrading a thing til i know 100% the sign works. I refuse to lose another item.
  2. Umm bring these back how they were. None of them are as high as the originals and if i want the originals i can't buy them at miracle shop anymore.. Why was this even made this way in the first place. Now i can never be as strong as others with the runes and crystals unless I buy the old ones with gold and people are selling them at ridiculously high prices. Please change these back.
  3. I will give the devs the benefit of the doubt that they will do the right thing. If they don't then i will have no problem taking my business elsewhere. I bought mcoins to support the game. Don't bite the hand that feeds you devs.
  4. Ok the stats bug is fixed. I want my items and my mcoins back still. I didnt pay money to let the game destroy my stuff completely. Fix me back to how i was before the update or lose me as a customer. Im sure im not the only who feels like they got seriously screwed by this update.
  5. You can tell the devs dont care, they are right now deleting posts and cutting down the spam in here and havent even acknowledged anyone who has a legitimate problem.
  6. Nope no chance, i wont buy mc again til they fix this. A random chance for item breaking is ridiculous. I understand it becoming ununusable til you repair but completely gone was the WORST idea ever.
  7. I am druid for instance. I amplify my twisted stave, i lose it because of amplification. I keep the stats, i put on a different staff and now have those stats as well. Its bugged badly. I could become a god through amplification and alot of gold.
  8. Its a bug. Go see update posts to understand
  9. They need to do a rollback, if they dont the game is doomed. There are tons of bugged players out there by now. When they do a rollback the players will backlash against that also. Its a lose lose situation.
  10. I dont play like that, i purchased a few mcoins to support the game and then they destroy it with 1 update. I want to earn my way not buy it. I didnt come to this game to get painted a golden path.
  11. It is like that because when you amplify an item and it breaks for good you keep the stats of that item and can keep doing it. Its a glitch, I have 411 moon magic and should only have about 200 because i have broke weapon stats plus a twisted batons stats. Its a mess. Everyone can become gods with exploitation of this glitch unless devs fix. Amplification was worst update. Causing tons of problems. Lose items that you spent hours obtaining? Are you kidding me?!?! Stupid...
  12. This update for amplification sucks, I lost 2 items in beginning and now all the stats stay and is glitched. Now my character is.a glitched mess along with a bunch of other people now im sure. This Needs fixing and amplification needs to not lose items forever. Fix game or i quit and dont buy no more coins
  13. +1 Lost item to amplify was the worst idea ever. I want my stuff returned. Do a rollback and fix this the correct way or i quit.
  14. This needs to change, i bought miracle coins and lose items amplifying. I lost 2 items and i want them back. This was a bad part of the update. You shouldnt lose items for this feature. Its not fun watching what you worked for go down just dissapear. Devs please fix or i quit and am not paying for miracle coins anymore.
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