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    Eronux got a reaction from Dieinpeace in Cancelation of sent Support ticket   
    Dear support team,
    On the 11.11.2016 i sent a Support ticket from my mail: Gs*******@hotmail.com in which i had issues with recieving the 26k mcoin package, which i bought on friday (160% sale)
    I just wanted to say that the issue has been fixed now, the Miracle coins arrived into my account on monday when i logged into my account; which means that there's no reason to go through my request anymore
    I assume the support team hasn't gone through my ticket yet, as i've gotten no reply back, which is why i decided to post this on the forums.
    If more information is needed feel free to contact me 
    Shadowtear - lvl 20 warlock
    US Sapphire
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