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  1. What are good rings and cloack for a ranger? I'm lvl 18 and I'm stuck with the ones bought from shop :facepalm: Please not just the superexpensive ones, I'm interested in something worth around 30k gold.
  2. Not what this game needs. Priorities should be a better quest/party system (simply adding a "quest chat" visible from everywhere would be a huge improvement), possibility to create guilds, bonus and prizes to make PVP outside arena worthing, and last but not least (but as long as Aigrind keeps doing godzillions of money, impossible) a more fair mc coins system. Plus, Chosen images would make even a Teletubby puke due to excessive gayness.
  3. So you would leave flash strike at 3? Interesting, I have a classic 5 Flash, 5 Sap, 3 Hamstring. I still dont understand if it's better start a fight with Sap>Hamstring>Flash or Hamstring>Sap>Flash
  4. Thank you all for your kind suggestion. I'm not crying, if I were I would say something like "omg this game shit bd sucks" or "unfair rogue ability pls fix!!11" or else. I was looking for advice to use better my bladedancer in arena, I have red bits of informations around the forum but I wanted something more precise. But now I understand that this isn't a forum for discussion, it's for crybabies or boasters. Goodbye, have fun.
  5. Hello Warspear community, I have a lv 15 Bladedancer (EU server) and I wonder what is the best arena behaviour for me. I understand that bladedancer are maybe the worst class for pvp, but I'm sure that there is something I still don't get. Vs other bladedancers or barbarians is simple, I keep spamming skills and eventually they go down (I have Flash 5, Sap 5, the others 1) Vs rogues is a bit more complicated, really annoying their hidding skill. I think the best option here is staying close to your partner, to have the chance to defend/be defended and don't get in 1vs2 situation. Are there any other options here? Vs archers and wizards is the most difficult situation. I understand they are the ones that must be killed first, but they are very difficult to get close to. Also, I have read that Aggression would be an usefull skill with them, but I'm not sure how to use it in the right way. The only smart thing I thought so far is to wait for them to avoid archers' traps, but that's all. Pain in the ass couple of 2011: wizard + rogue I wait for your advices :)
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