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  1. Devs finally reworks bow/cbow speed after many years. Ranger speed are way too ridiculous that it took 5 mins or less only to kill etc. raid boss/gate/throne/boss/event/player/flag if whole guild or army ranger gather and game ended so quick. This game is base on massive online gaming. Not solo online gaming. Balanced it base on your game population *smh* When you will buff magic mace ? That weapon been useless for century. Please remove it if you don't really care for that weapon. It's an eyesore to us mostly we put it in npc not in bag. Mage kinda balanced i guess i h
  2. Again, why you add another combo skill on expert skill. If you really like combo skill on expert skill, please remove the goddamn Cd on expert skill everytime per use. It's really annoying waiting another 1s to use another skill when your 2nd combo on expert skill. And why give Bd another resist skill ? Bd already have op resist relic and rush just like barb but making it more op ? But why mage were not added on the new op resist relic ? This bd class is truly godly class in both Pve/Pvp it's a cancer of the game. The new incoming feature are great and amazing. Truly appreciate the n
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