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  1. acar tuh tan,siap mengambil alih leader  :good:


    Gak jadi e , mbak enjel gk mw ol lgi  :cray:


    Niat latihan jadi guild leader di game laen ehhh...


    Malah sukses guild e


    jdi gk bsa ninggalin guild q


    Bye warspear sek wae lah  :clapping:

  2. Priest good for surviving at swamp


    I have two lv 14 priest, one with stave and one with lv 9 weapon


    Both surviving well and always done captured shaman quest everyday


    Now both still at kotarawa  :drinks:



    Ps one have one mill gold for selling lv 18 armor  :blush:

  3. Feb 8th, that day I stop reli farm at lab, suicide n back to riff


    Bought barber set andcolour then change my hairstyle


    To short purple,


    Move from riff to swamp n try to go kotarawa


    Doin captured shaman n got divine def armour


    I sell it via trade chat n sold one m gold


    I check my other chars , other item kw helmet,he glove and


    Divine def thread also sold


    Feb 8th I make my most bigges selling at my warspear history


    1,2 m gold at one day n make my gold total 2m.

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