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  1. this would be very cool indeed. the game will definitely be more interesting.
  2. nebullexus

    Norlant Swamps

    Swamps gets boring very fast because of all the hours wasted teleporting randomly so I go back to Irselnort every now and then, help with quests. Besides, it's easier doing Irselnort quests for levelling up for lower level players so you'll find my ranger roaming the grasslands every so often. So chill, the Swamps cannot be the death of Irselnort. Both are vital in different ways
  3. I'd be disappointed if the next level cap is anything less than 30. I want the next island to be sufficiently large for many quests and a good, well-planned, preferably bug-free storyline. I want terrains to range from grasslands to thick forests(Melvendil style) to volcanic rockies. Also "many" bosses because Irselnort was a really painful experience before the lab. PvP zones, complex higher level hunting and PvP areas, elaborate dungeons, new team PvP's in addition to plain old arena, like (but not explicitly) capture-the-flag or something similar. New skills and new modes of character attribute enhancements. I'm sure I'll think of more soon lol.
  4. i'd say ginis. hamstring+sap is potent. both have full level 18 equips amped +10 so they're even footed there.
  5. Well I'm on a hate/love relationship with the Swamp. I can't exactly hate it when I've received three weapons already, two of which are level 18. Lol. But I completely understand the frustrations of many others with this update.A good friend of mine who used to be a Warspear fanatic has now stopped playing after the update. Especially people who have/had very little free time and used to pick up their phones for some quick play will find it frustrating to no end.Atleast the quests are more fun than the Irselnort dailies and I find myself motivated to finally take some of my long-stalled characters to the 18th level. I can't tell yet if these random drops of high-level equipments will lead to imbalances but I hope the developers do consider "some" of the more legitemate conplaints of the update, like the near-impossible to kill Hydra (atleast in the EU server).
  6. it happens on both pc and phone so i think it's not a device specific issue sadly :(
  7. with 274 heal, my druid barely dies but i can understand the general sentiment because my level 15 ranger has a really hard time staying alive. also the drop rate of quest rewards. two days i went without a single drop and then i got three drops in a row, so...yeah, totally unpredictable. also i've got two doom weapons so far.
  8. Has any druid tried using a block rune in their belt? Can druids block? We sure as hell can parry so maybe? :D
  9. yup, crossers rule. i totally suck at crossings coz i play on a phone with a shitty connection. :(
  10. it'd be nice if roots did some damage too...
  11. At certain areas in certain tellus locations the sound goes off completely. Rangers, shamans and warlocks can somehow manage with their scatter/blind/fear, but the rest of us rely on these sounds to safely navigate. I have had to either turn back or make a random choice numerous times. Please fix this in the next patch. P.S. And please don't tell me it's not a bug...
  12. ah lol...luckily for me, I made the mistake just once and I've been extra vigilant ever since. I bought an extra pocket then...
  13. Personally I doubt Knox could ever do anything like this. However, for fairness' sake, I'll begrudgingly concede the OP the benefit of the doubt. Go ahead, look around for the non-existent piece of evidence.
  14. Boss "droppings"??? Lol...anyway, OT, yep, u can end up collecting a LOT of spheres farming bosses, especially defence ones. I've phased out hundreds already, keeps accumulating though. It's the sad truth. :(
  15. Ah good! There's a fine enough reason why I've managed to take only one of my characters to level 20 after having been playing for so long now. It does get boring doing dailies. :)
  16. Oh, and if I may add, the shield skills of Priests and Necromancers are much more effective than Druids and Shamans because they can completely nullify incoming damage. Not bad if you wanna be a pure healer.
  17. If you are looking for a healer only Paladin isn't for you. Yes, they have heal but not enough to heal tank anyway. Priest and Necromancers do instant heals unlike Druids and Shamans who can do HoT. HoT I think will be safer for hunts(just my opinion) but with critical heal instant heals can probably restore full hp from nearly zero at high level heal. However Paladin aura will be awesome for hunts. At level 3 my Paladin's aura can raise druid heal ~250 to ~300. So you could imagine how useful it will be at level 5. Atleast one thing is clear: Paladins will be indispensable in hunts. Running in lab will be a piece of cake now for elves and chosen finally.
  18. Maybe to balance blessing they should revise the dps so rangers damage decrease at close range and normal at max range. Bows are in reality useless face to face lol.
  19. Nice...chosen got about 300xp. It was frustrating getting 1-2xp while levelling up on Langasard.
  20. I actually wanna remain faction neutral but MC first island I never manage to complete lol. Deleted three or four MC chars so far. :(
  22. Ah I might finally have an incentive to play an MC character. Godgorroth was a nightmare to do quests in, no offence to any diehard MC.
  23. That goblin cave at Langasard was the most frustrating because the game crashes everytime you attack the goblin shamans. I got stuck there in an endless cycle of crashes because I took my bd n made him attack so evrytime I logged in the app crashed. Also the goblin boss is impossible to kill for low level because the game crashes on the first strike. "Quest isn't found" quests I managed to do by trial and error because you have no way of knowing what to do. Just started playing my Death Knight when the maintenance started. Never managed to level up mc characters because Godgorroth is seriously boring and it's more tiresome than fun, no offence. Moraktar looks cool though.
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