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  1. im not sure if this the right part of the forum to post this but. with so many languages being spoken in the game. I wish there was someway to tie a language translator into private / party chat it would not work in world chat or trade chat because too many languages at once something which has a menu button for the language i speak and a menu button for the language of the person/group im chatting with. so i write something and it auto translates in their window they write something it auto translates in my window. on the computer i have a second window and use google translate to help talk with other players but typing things twice to know what is said slows the game down.
  2. ok snowman the next time you log on take off all your equipment then log out for 3 hrs you are not going to be allowed to play at all at that time. you are not allowed to re equip for three or four days. you may play nekkid until then that should be lots of fun for you. if that is not fun for you well just log off and play later. today i was in the next area the fortress the pvp was standing by the respawn statue. at the very least it should be a rule that when you respawn you have 60 seconds of immunity to allow for leaving the area of the respawn statue.
  3. i have been playing on both cell phone and computer. I have noticed that the surrounding area view on cell phone shows a larger area of the map. which is useful especially in arena. is there any way that i can get my windows pc to show the same area view as the cell phone instead of the more limited area view it has?
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