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  1. Cannot figure out the yellow spirit of the four winds quest in ayvodil. Please help any info will be greatly appreciated
  2. BettyBoop


    I think it is sad that WS has gotten Lazy :-( people would rather just beg you for gold than go out and make it themselves. Is kinda like life where everyone would rather just wait for a hand out. I have a full account a little over a year old of lvl 26 characters and have never once used Mcoins. I got it myself farming what I could as well as dailies that are boring and repetitive but it all adds up. This might just be me venting, but please don't be the lazy thorn in the he side of the WS society. If you need help don't hesitate to hail anyone of the BettyBoop gang. They will be more than glad to help, quest, kill, farm,talk, & chill.
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