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  1. Mmmm...a kitty costume with big wings and a tiara? :blush: or...long night dress...damn i want cool New costumes soon! Eheh !mermaid costume !eheh..iwant all  :blush:



    im just wondering, how mermaid walk ? ^^ or just have feets down ;) U mean big dragon wings ? 0.o

  2. :cray: i want a princess dress , with a tiara , and flashing glitters everywhere  :'(



    They have not made any costume with effects yet ;)

    i made new one same time, cuz was bored  :bad: 



    Looks bit wierd, but nvm :D



    Опубликованное фото


    NB!  I have character as skinhead, so costume looks with skinhead  :blush:



    Just think u have hairs on it :P



    + Epic ranger


    Опубликованное фото

  3. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: finally more than 134 million gold in one of my char.... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ...what am I going to buy???hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


    Is this damage even possible???? ;D ;D ;D ;D



    Yes we know, but u can not buy nothing for that, and ur damage is still same.



    Cheat engine takes only visual effect for yourself, attack rate still same, and if you buy something from shop, ur money still same, as it was before cheating.



    Nobody can not make warspear online hack, cuz they have information put in server, so all what you do, all effects are visual on you, but normal in game, just like speedhack with cheat engine, if u know what i mean ;)

  4. So what u would choose, old (sample 0.7 wso) or new (sample 3.2 wso) ?



    I love old one, after every update game get even worse.



    Old wso was amazing, at start 45 slot bag, skills was amazing, rouge and bd was so amazing at this time, and other chars to :o



    Yes, first we had only 2 skills, but game was still amazing, everything was in balance ;) game was amazing 0.7 - 2.0 after that...



    Just got worse and after every update even worse ;)



    Soz my english sux alot ;)



    So what would u like ? :P

  5. more than 48 hours have gone and i sent them two times but nothing came to my mail



    i have been lost over 80$ in this game for year, cause some payments did go trought, but no mcoins rep.



    In my opinion is support in this situation useless. u can write so much information and details if you want, even time in seconds when u made payment and provider things, but u will never see ur credits anymore. Its just stolen, belive me, u wont get ur credits. Just waste of time.

  6. No matter what you think about the rules. The respect will always be the most important thing on earth. If you don't respect people by their religion/race, you only deceive be "banned".

    Because the game is "world wide" does it means we should stop follow rules about respect? NO, it means we should care even more about it.

                PS: Can any developer start using rules? Or they will stay just written for years?



    They cant ban people cuz they have their own opinion :P So everybody have right to talk about whatever they want. they cant stop it.



    In this year 2012 there is situation over the world like detonated bomb, so nobody wont care ur respect messages or everything, cuz they care all about money.

    This guy, who got money, this guy have right. Thats how does it all work now.

  7. 1 elf just keep killing my necro when i run naked.First time i made to kotravva  he killed me at 2th room and after 2 h he did same.I hate that elf :bomb:

    I will pay if somebody bring me his head ;D



    Im elf, and i have access to cut his head off, how much u pay ? If ur offer is nice, i bring u his balls to, or hers b0obs  :rofl:



    Challenge accepted ?

  8. have been playing over week bit, 4-6 hours per day, and have only once visited kotaravva, please make it easier, cuz its annoying to waste time on nothing.









    BTW, in my opinion, devs made this for collecting money, players will die in swamps, and then devs think, they waste money on repair scrolls, another thing what they made for pumping money.



    Old good times 0.7 ._.



    After every update, game gets even worse, and u have to smend more and more money to keep playing.



    Thats not big surprise, if at year 2013 you have to pay 5-30 Eur to get access in the game, or u have to pay for month use of game.





    Soon ppl, soon. -.-"

  9. U can not ban people for racism.



    1. This game is world wide, and every people in the world can say everythin what they want ? ---No!



    2. In Rules, is not point that saying "Racism is bannable"



    3. Stoping people saying what they want, or opinion, like in dif things is crime. Just like you use someone as slave in real life or something.





    and my opinion, u all who think religion have something importan, then f**k y0u, u all sux, ur god sux, Jesus, allah, both same assholes, they waste our lives, and we are them slaves, fuq off all with their god stories.



    Am Atheist motherfuqs.



    Dear Russia, this game is world wide now, so, laws in game and out of game + around game, became to world wide. This Rule under this line is useless now.



    The propaganda of violence and discrimination on racial, ethnic, religious and other grounds is forbidden as well as spreading information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation or the moral and ethical standards.

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