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  1. did the Beast Trapskill is stealth from enemy ?? if not,, is useless skill :facepalm: 5 skill with 10 skill point is bad :facepalm: please fix the bug.. when i play from PC..i have some problem with arena ..the game was force close if i want to do battle.. thx admin
  2. 'money will change everything' a rich player will be a great player a poor player will be a :facepalm: player :lol: ---> im on this side :facepalm: but pro player will be owned in this game :good: :yahoo:
  3. i wanna play this game after doing my exam :blush: but can't login.. :facepalm: game update was :good: cant login is :bad:
  4. was answered by sakray77... :blush: thax sakray ::)
  5. u can kill him by :bomb: :lol: :lol:
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