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  1. Let us all pray for our dearest friend (or enemy) Patahahati..she is lying ill at Dharmais Cancer Hospital for having brain cancer..she is currently pregnant and judged by the doctors that she only has one year left. . So for you Patahhati,Kamu boleh patah hati tapi jangan patah semangat,masih ad keajaiban di dunia ini... Translated as follows You may Brokenheart(Patahhati) but you may not Brokenhope cos there are still miracles out there.. Ps:Yang ada di jakarta kita kunjungi teman kita yuk kasih semangat dia.
  2. Uhhhmmmm,am i able to play on linux using wine again? :blush:
  3. Totally agreed ;D finally someone whose not whining or crying :good: ;)
  4. Still no PC game client ver.2.5.1 :blush: and i still can't play on linux using wine :facepalm:
  5. Please make available PC client that can work with wine ver.1.2 or 1.3 on Ubuntu (derivatives) :blush:
  6. I used to play pc client sofware using wine on ubuntu,but now the new client didn't work..please check it out..I tried on ubuntu 10.04,11.04,11.10 and on wine ver.1.2,1.3 but still cant run the game now..Please fix it :)
  7. No big deal,dude..just quit like i do :spiteful: sold my lvl 18 druid..this char is joinin her soon :friends: bye bye warspear :cray: bye dear friends and enemies there been honored to play with u guys PS: Rubra is not Enichi anymore
  8. oi sakray..kalo bd gua sdh lvl 17 kita duel yuk? gua eneg sama elu
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