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  1. Damn. I still cant play warspear. I missed my spect and scept. :sorry: Did anyone create new character?
  2. Have you tried reinstalling it? Data cache din saken e. :sorry:
  3. Talaga naman si mayor whip. :) Btw, we are currently looking for csr and tsr. If you are interested, kindly pm me. Tnx. Sa magallanes nga pala, alorica name ng company. :) with or without experience. And add me on facebook. Hahahaha! 8)
  4. May i join here? :) this is spect. 8)
  5. but i think losing target is not enough. warspear has to unleash the agro skill. :spiteful:
  6. i mean, i hope when i agro mountain clan, they come close also. not just only on mobs. :good:
  7. I just hope that agro works on mountain clan also.
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