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  1. Hi everyone, I was "peacefully" leveling to lvl18 but now I decided to stick with arena for a while to gear up a bit. Also bought 900 tickets just to be sure I have enough I noticed that with 2k HP with 15% resi 15% phys def. and 15% magic def I still go splat in a second when stunned or inbetween cooldowns. Is that simply a gear issue or I need to be prepared to run a lot more to survive? My HP feels low (I see people with 3-3.5k HP), and also my defence definitely could be better as well, but I would like to see some input about approximate values where I should feel myself tougher than a piece of paper. What are the average stats I should aim for survival? Thanks in advance, Arax
  2. OK, just to be a bastard child of the community: I play on a Blackberry Passport (which as you may know runs the BB10 OS with built-in Android runtime). The game runs without a glitch on the 1440x1440 screen and I also have a QWERTY keyboard to suit my chatting needs. All in all, the battery lasts forever, the game is well optimized and awesome - hats off to the devs The only minor issue I saw after one of the latest updates is that whenever I minimize the app then return to it later on, it can not reconnect to server automatically. It say "Connetion to server lost", but when I reconnect/relog manually everything is working fine. But that could as well be anything with the Android runtime handling the app connection states when multitasking, Nothing to worry about
  3. Should I get Panic or Mental Pit first on level 18 for arena/pvp purposes? I seem to like Panic more (coming from other MMOs, a fear is awesome to have as a healer), but Mental Pit also looks great on paper and I hear it is just as good in action - but I saw it was nerfed a bit? My other thought was Poison Shield/Acid Rain to detect those pesky rogues, and some additional damage in PvE, but I think I will keep that for later. I am eventually getting all skills anyway, just wondering about my first pick.
  4. My real life consists of playing Warspear every day (nothing beats finising the daily quests sitting on the toilet). How do I get on with that with the servers down?
  5. Nice! I was wandering around the starting areas (mostly the Forsaken cities) but it is really hard to find able minded active people. It is either they already in a guild or they are looking for a high level one with bonuses. So good luck to me with a new guild with only me generating guild points at the moment Bring some others with you so we can start some serious arena or hunting /grin
  6. Still 0 views, apparently the only tag "beer" does not help it I remember how hard it was to find me a guild when I began - hence I created my own. So come on new guys, I am here to help so you can help me later. Then we can help each other and in the end we can help everyone with helping them to help others. There. Everyone happy. Also do not leave those guild points lost while leveling up
  7. Just popping in to say hi again! I have created a guild called Dystopia - now looking for fresh recruits. I also posted it under the Guilds section, but since I created it to be as newbie friendly as it can, I thought it is a good idea to post it here as well so beginners can see they are not completely lost - as I was when I started. If you need help, support or anything, let me know. The only requirement is to BE ACTIVE AND SUPPORTIVE. I know how frustrating it can be to be a beginner, asking around for help, yet everyone keeps ignoring you. If this is the case, join Dystopia, and give them the finger yourself. If you are interested, look for me ingame and send me a pm. Araxazaar / Dystopia (EU-Emerald) - Land of the flea, home of the grave
  8. Freaks of Arinar! Time has come to join forces and die together in vain! If you are up for the challenge, grab your toon and join Dystopia. Be lvl 10+ Mountain Clans or Forsaken player, and have at least a slight understanding how to die properly. If you are lower level, but you have a proven track record of drowning, burning to ashes, crumbling to dust, or just simply losing breath while trying to pick a herb - well.. we can still figure out something. Contact me ingame if you are interested. If I am not answering, I either hate you, or I am busy. Or both. Araxazaar
  9. All natural +0 here. Also died a couple of times by catching cold.
  10. Hey everyone! I started a couple of days ago (Araxazaar - lvl12 necro on EU) and so far I am enjoying it a lot. However I began to feel kinda lost wandering around alone (I only have quests I can not do solo right now, and jogging across the map trying to look impressive does not give much XP), so I am on the lookout for an active guild and people to play/kill stuff with. If anyone could point me to an active, meaningful guild which still has a free spot - and is also willing to add me, let me know! See ya ingame. Cheers, Araxazaar
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