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  1. hi please correct me if im wrong :) but is it true that the updated verison is 3.0.3. because my verison is 3.0 and i cant update the new verison on my phone via the main warspear webpage. everytime i click on the sym file to down load it goes to a page which says (oooooooooooops sorry the page you requested is not found :wacko: we have reported the problem and it will be fixed soon) but a month later its still not working :cray: :cray: :cray: any ideas would be helpfull. ps ive done all the ways to try and resolve this and none seem to work. support helped me though most of the ways :good: :good: :good: ive tried all but still nothing.
  2. is anybody else getting these??? i have done a few quests like this but it takes loooonnnnggg :wacko: as dont know what to look for, kill, collect etc. Please fix this bug :)
  3. yes pink, i agree with you :good:
  4. Tegan

    Miracle shop

    :) Do you only get a select amount of mc per month??? either that or miracle shop NOT WORKING FOR UK. every time i try to get 100, 260 or 500 mc it comes up with this for 100 code not working 260 wrong payment type 500 wrong payment type. i try to pay via sms but nothing, i best not be charged for this??? tried about 7 times now. if i am i wont be happy :diablo: Please get this sorted :)
  5. Thanks nebullexus found him. :rofl:
  6. Hi, i just bought two lots of miracle coins via sms 260 each mc and i havent received them yet??? Im from England please help ::)
  7. The last quest i did was kill the ghostwalker and then NO more quests showed up. NO yellows or NO blues. Is there some think i need to do that i am missing??? Any ideas, Please help. :)
  8. Hey, thanks alot :good: . so even tho you put u.k in the where are you from part it still comes up with the $ sign???
  9. hello, just wondering if the $ sign is actually in pounds when you buy miracle coins on your phone via SMS? And if so does the cost get added to your phone bill? Also again if this is so would it be on your phone bill as Warspear? If anyone could please let me know i would be greatfull :good:
  10. Please if anyone can help! maybe im doing something wrong but all my weapons, shoes, amor etc break really easily. i need 2 repair them after every battle or even if i dont use my wand i have 2 repair it. because of this, i now have NO money and i have 2 sell all my stuff, bar a few bits. :cray: please if anyone has anything please help. many thanks :good:
  11. Hello, just wondering if there was a way too get more money. As when im in battle all my weapons get VERY badley damaged :cray: and i have to keep repairing them at least after every 2 battles ( when i say battles i mean killing badies ) Please can anyone help me on this matter??? :pleasantry:
  12. Hi, thanks for reply but still is does not work :cray: is there anything else i could try?
  13. I have the same problem. it says its version 1.5 but when you download its version 1.0 i have a N8 and ive tried too download about 15 times and keep getting the 1.0 version. please update ovi store??? its been 4 days now :cray: P.S every time i download now its getting slower and slower. PLEASE HELP!!! AS HIS IS A GREAT GAME :)
  14. In ovi store it says version 1.5 but its NOT I KEEP DOWNLOADING 1.0!!! ive downloaded this about 15 times and the download is getting slower and slower about 10 mins now and still no version 1.5 :cray: Can anyone please tell me when this problem will be fixed??? AS THIS IS ONE AWSOME GAME
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