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  1. r0land and peter i found a bug in new version:

    soo this morning i kill all bosses in irselnort (MC bosses) lake; sea; Garr-shagg; GG; Gridaur; Sun worrior with my lvl24 warlock "Dragolub" (EU-Emerald) for the achivment ''Die in Volkano''(section ''World''). Soo i finish the last boss and when i go in Achivments>World>Die in Volcano it says whit green tick i kill every boss but it dont show i finish the quest. I dont know if its bug but im sure i kill every boss in the list(and it shows). If you want inspect my warlock Dragolub in EU-Emerald and see what is going on. Please fix it as soon as possible. (:

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