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  1. and today when i amplified

    after 1 success got 2 failures and then :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: :shok: :shok: :shok:

    bow was gone


    so i don't expect that u will return it .......


    but you need to fix this problem ASAP :facepalm:


    u used sigh in the last?
  2. its idiotic to be in russian server..u can never understand them...can never complete the game...most russian english bad...i recomend u to go change server to sappire or emerald...rest is ur choice...ranger n rogue r 2 good class which r fun to be.... but i would like u to be what u like...after all its ur game ;)


    Ya koskiller in emerald most players arent small children who hunt each other  :facepalm:


    then theres no fun out there...all quests are easy in any game...only when ppl disturb u its when the interest comes

    what ppl will do on completing all quests n not fight??waste of time

    :bad: shit children cant see the WAR in warspear...if no war = boring game... :facepalm:

  4. too much talk,,you dint know what i men,,im not talking rogue vs npc :facepalm: im talking about rogue vs ranger by 1,

    scatter lv 5=hit ranger 3-enemy close hit 0,

    when rogue use decress accuracy and have skill dodge all lv 5,,,almost my hit dodge,,and i say scatter fail :facepalm: ,

    dodge chance=dodge - accuracy, remember that,,noob coolstallone,,but rogue not use that for vs ranger,, :facepalm: ,


    scout! no need to talk to idiots..we even dont know that this guy has mc accout or not ..lol
  5. name 2-3 best rangers of ur server...

    note best is not rich noob...but ppl who help others...honest frendly n ofc atleast have good euips but this counts less in weightage....no scamers or idiots with lvl10 equips should be named...this isnt the list which tells u who hits max but the list which says who is more good a person ;)

    pls dont vote urself/..if u think u best then name second best ppl :clapping:

    i vote(very hard for me)

    us sappire

    scout , constugg  ::) 

    others not far behind ;)

  6. Rogue is weak when rogue is being scettered or blinded, so thats why rogue needs poison skill and throw it onto  their head in long distance to drain down their energy


    if u think rogue is that weak u should better del ur rogue n start ranger...noob u dont like balance
  7. Unfortunately i'm not community manager or support and not able to answer all topics on forum excepsd days of update or important news. Just live with that.


    ok firstly thnks for reply

    secondly it would be great help if u could state the % change of succeses of amplification..

    28 failure is huge :(  for lvl 4 amplification...maybe a bug?

  8. kuzz i will give u -ive karma till u reply me

    everyday -1 till u reply me...why u ignoring my question???

    reply to me....wtf why 28 amplification attempt for my bow 4->5 n all failure n my bow still 4??? for such low lvl this is huge number of tries...moreover ur support team is still to reply me...also i havent recieved my mcoin 2days back...i got sms that i have recieved but not got it yet

    reply me why..

    else i give u -1 everyday ...ty

    also u deleted my topic n u r ignoring my this topic too


    reply me dude..


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