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  1. Haaaa, if it is like u say, it is impossible...there must be something...think that u have to enter alone, because u have to wear the cape, others can´t help u and alone u can´t make one move with the shadows!!! Greetings
  2. I am in that mission, if we have to kill all those things, it is impossible...but it says to look for a mirror, maybe it is somewhere around!!! Someone who has done it, please help us!!! Greetings
  3. It is a suggestion only, but it is used to sell a bigger amount of something at a lower price that to sell more at once at a bigger price!!! I'm from Argentina and I can Buy 100 miracle coins for $0.95 and 120 miracle coins for $1.19, it means that if I buy 100, I will pay $0.0095 per MC but if I buy 120, I will pay $0.0099 pero MC...so there is no point in buying 120 MC because it's more expensive!!! My suggestions are: 1st: 20 MC more are to little more,you should offer at least 150 MC!!! 2nd: You should offer a bigger quantity of MC for a lower price, so we b
  4. After the update, my rogue heals half itself, and the skill to heal is half too, and the hit is less harm than before...that is too bad, i was ok with the atributes i had before the update!!! Another topic is the buying of miracle coins,what is the point of having to options of the same quantity of MC with different numbers and codes...there should be an offer with more coins!!! Greetings!!!
  5. Me too,I tried twice and twice I been discount and no miracle,no coins,no money, I'm from Argentina!!! Something we can do??? Thanks
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