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  1. What's better power of water or tornado skill and power of water skill if used with lightning bolt will stun enemy's
  2. I'm searching for arena spam partner all gears, weapon's +8-+10 pm me in game (UPINSMOKE) MC SIDE
  3. I'm searching for arena spam partner Mc side gears weaps all +9-+10 pm me I want to know before I amp +10 thanks.
  4. My guild is recruiting active players to make 500gp per day including login GP if you meet my recruitments I will give 2000g a day. That's 3500gp a week and 14k GOLD per week, I personally think this is fair enough for 500gp a day Pm me on here or in game (ASSASISIN, GYMADDICT OR THUNDERBUD). THANK YOU
  5. My guild is recruiting active players I will pay 2k per day for 500gp daily it's currently level 1 with no skill buffs pm if interested (ASSASISIN)
  6. Selling +8 baton of endless war, guilding thread boots, +9 cloak of master pm ASSASISIN elf side EU emerald Selling x2 acute falcon +8, +4 ring of toughness, +10 lvl 13 amulet (don't know name) 100 set arena tickets, x6 unity signs, 100 set amp signs and 50 set damage 2 pm weedliffee or daisychain mc side EU emerald
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