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  1. Why dont do lvl 4-6 craft items ? if have session arena lvl 4-6 , why they need be forget ?
  2. If peoples don't wanna play with necros, he is the last on votations .... Why reduce mental pit ?! the worse need be a trash ? If he is the worse,the last, he need powerful skills to calibrate , decrease don't is a good idea.
  3. All necros are crying ! The best skill of the worse class on votations Died ! R.i.p all necros in WARSPEAR ONLINE
  4. Shaman have DMG skills really is true and stuns of druid !? how i can DMG if i dont touch on oponent!? stun later stun again and continue combos of stun !
  5. If necro win another good skill can be necessary ... But ... How much good skills necro have ?! #1 Conection ? i can use it on X1 ? NO >>> note 0 #2 Infection ? yes is calibrated .. but no is op how secret link / totem / aura of valor / banner / and anothers ..... #3 Poison Shield ? a little few necessary ... but how a said another class have betters than Poison shield and infection #4 Panic ? Good too , but why panic can be easy missed wrong on oponents and song of florest of druid get far away players ? #5 MENTAL PIT (glorius) : can save necro of any situation ... another skills are regular or weak ... Redution on mental pit is how : Reduce a shaman totem, how reduce secret link druid , how reduce banner , how reduce any good skill of any class ... But if on votation necro is the last class ... Why he cant be the better ? WEAK skills! This update KILLED all necros of all SERVERs !
  6. Druid have secret link ? need more skills heal for what ? be IMORTAL !? shaman some have basic heal and more nothing ...
  7. pandamt

    Favorite Class

    Necros are losing in this votation and GMs want reduce mental pit !? what will happen with ours necro !? transform on trash ?!
  8. All necros will lose a great % of your best skill !? necros will lose the thing than do a necro a true necro !? W.H.Y !? necros will die for any newbie on pvp ... Why !? why decreased the best skill of this class !?
  9. What happed with the mental pit than i know ?! ???? Necros cant survive on this update with some 55% of mental pit !
  10. i want mental pit back to 80% or upgrade it ! ... necro cant survive with 55% need back to 80% or up ! all necros need this skill
  11. What happed with the mental pit than i knowed ?! the best skill than make necro a true necro, die on this update i little step to lost players
  12. Shamans need a strong totem heal ,how the druids can use the secret link ! Ty for this gift GMs :*
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