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  1. Selling [-10 Russian Server] post offers, maybe trade for a cheap health pot :blush:
  2. Offer 1k gold for a new server, thats 999 more then the onewe have now :rofl:
  3. well mate i'd be guessing there gone. In that case: If your elf :rofl: :lol: If your mc :blush: :bad:
  4. What down again ? Damn no problem, lets coutinuehere. Elfs headind to next page to comment, get em :lol:
  5. Sounds like South africa, if they say tomorrow, often turns out to become a week or so. That is if you remind them.:rofl:
  6. Maybe the trucks transporting the stuff to new host are laggin (truck loading 15% please wait) :rofl:
  7. 1 hour or less, we sharing the same CET ? :rofl:
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