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  1. I was almost sure you made this topic already. When will someone see this so we can get answers?
  2. Hopefully we can get enough comment to strike attention to someone with authority.
  3. Exactly its sad that this wasn't already requested or if it was why was it over looked?
  4. Starting to feel like they are neglecting us paladins maybe death knights, and Barbarians too
  5. Well I'm complaining and if they want me to make this popular ill do my best. They should be about to. Us player give them enough money.
  6. I really want to get a reason why paladins cant have a choice. Its unfair and kills the gameplay for the class. How can you have a class that uses both magic and physical to damage you enemies, but no option for which rewards you want to receive. Can I get some LIGHT on the topic cuz its in the dark. Please.
  7. Utterly shocked that this topic has not already been post. It is disgusting that paladins do not have the option to pick either they want physical rewards or magic rewards. I like to play my paladin with as much magical attack damage as possible. My friend (Timeussss) pointed out to me that physical damage is the only type of reward that I can get from arena. Is there a possible way we can change this and give us paladins the option whether we want to received magical damage accessories or physical rewards????
  8. Lets keep it chill haters gonna hate thats just what they do its warspear baby! LMAO
  9. . Lmao bro, man! Who knows I might jump to MC a few people keep pushing me that way. Good to see you again tho.
  10. After my big scam, losing 800 usd through paypal (still dont know who and how) I'm returning. Also improved my real life so yup im back!
  11. Livefox is racist "you still mad I called you a ♥♥♥♥♥♥" killerbabe balzo amit
  12. KingCree


    Thanks for all the fun. I rather not explain my reasons for deleting my bd and quit. And i would like people to respect my decision and not rant my business. Met alot of cool people mc and elf. Ill miss alot of you. Good luck to all. -critcree REASON: someone from ws hacked my paypal account some how and spent $800 mix between my paypal credit and my bank account. it is a federal case now. money should be returned to me in about a week or two. This sh*t is messed up caused alot of problems for me these 2 days. The level people will go to just to buy mcoin or maybe just had it out for me for killing them too many times idk. Everyone be careful. Much love to all of you. Even my kos
  13. Ty venik and nosotraes, ill begin working on mastering this new challenge
  14. im sorry i was just wondering is all. I can live with it, But thank for the reply.
  15. Idk of someone already posted about this. I didn't know what key words to use for this in the search engine
  16. Have you ever played sham and you cast earthquake and you character begins running to the area you just selected??? And you're like " what the hell is going on here?" I know many of us players know about the bug/glitch, (what ever you decide to call it.) Where when you use a skill like; earthquake, tornado, totem, and any skill that allows you to select a chosen area to cast your spell/skill. Your character move to the area but, to other players you are still standing in you original spot you were standing in before u cast. Which is the current spot you are standing in the game. This bug is very annoying to me I don't know of it is to others. But it was so annoying I decided to post about it. I'm not sure if this was intented for this game or not but I would love a response on why this happens and whether or not it will be fix. Thank you, I'm not "crying" about It just would like to know is all.
  17. I would love to mod thinking about applying
  18. I don't play that game but I still feel stongly about this system I thought up. Idk if u enjoy the system ws uses now or just putting in 2 cent. XD
  19. Why not 2 types of arena one for ranking and another for ap gaining. RANKED ARENA: give higher than normal amount of ap and is limited to maybe let's (figuratively speaking) 5 arena matches for each arena type (2v2, 3v3, 5v5) daily replenishes after server refresh. win will give u more RANKED POINTS than losing. And why not bless the top 5 with gift since this system is more openly competitive. BASIC ARENA: honestly just keep it the same. Maybe keep the rewards for that as well. It's honestly and Mcoined arena rank system I HIGHLY SUGGEST SOME TYPE OF OPENLY competitive rank system because the system we have now isn't exactly fair plus with the rank system I provided; seems it would be more fun since each ranked match counts. Much more intense gameplay for us warspear players.
  20. I hope gm finds a way to make Mc side more appealing other wise it's gonna be full if elfs and what fun is that? I wonder if Devs are even observing each server to see if it's balance. :/
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