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  1. Yeah im back so lets celebrate us English guild sapphire back at it anyone wanting to have fun and pvp nd w.e else we might get into pls send a pm in game to Undan,wulf or luna thx c ya in game!

  2. Devs Do something about this map in next update naybe after a certain amount of time U get automatically ported dat would at least spice things up Unless that's ur plan all along make us sit on an arena map wasting Pots so we buy more..well played mother russia well played :[

  3. I like the whole guild aspec of this game just one thing I think would b a nice addition to add would b a way to know who deposits items or withdraw nd can b deleted Evry week or something along that its happen to me a couple times now Nd I just hate having to Become a detective nd interrogate evryone when the gm R to bussy with the mass of scam they must receive overall I think it will help the growing scam epidemic Thanks will b looking to c if my idea was liked c ya -Undan TheOneAndOnly

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