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  1. You are right. My mistake :blush: Just lots of screenshots, I still editing them 8) Let´s give Moutain clan another chance next time :pleasantry: ;)
  2. Impressions of Event: Elfs were very well organized. I saw everywhere is well guarded. I was in cave, in main city, in raid and everywhere I see many players who guarding locations and fighting very well. Is was really well organized. Even newbie players know where to go, who listen,... VICTORY was undoubted :clapping: BRAVO,BELISSIMO,GRANDIOZA :good: Improvements for next Event: 1) The targets was not well describe from start. We need all know a target of Event. It mean who will win, in what condition? 2) Program, schedule of Event. It mean when go, where go, who we need kill... This target must be write or announced before Event start for both side. For example: Quest Event for both sides: (can be write it here in forum or you can use SERVER messages, auction chat is very bad for that): 1)18:00 Moscow time - defence Unlive(Anya) till 20:00 Moscow time. If Unlive(Anya) was killed the fraction will lose this Event. 2) If there 20:00 Moscow time and Unlive(Anya) still alive, then send them to Port(Unlive to Moutain Clan Port and Anya to Elf Port) 3) Try make it to 21:30(22:00) Moscow time. If one fraction make it, they will WIN. If Unlive or Anya die during transporting, is not does count like winning. Win = transport them to Port City. If both fraction not make it. Then is DRAW. Noone loose or win. I think there is a little lack of organization. Not everyone know about the target of Event. Next time use SERVER MESSAGES for that, or just write it here. Then everyone will know, what is going on in Event. It will help for Moutain Clan, which has little lack in organize groups ::) 8) Port guarding screen:
  3. :drinks: изи, мед. I am glad too see u again :friends: I cant wait to see you in Event this evening.
  4. Here we go. Specially for veterans players. Some old videos, i found in my notebook. Arena fight in 0.4.4. Played on Elf 3x3 and MountainClan 8x8. It was really fun time... :drinks: That is a reason why i will never switch to any english server even i dont speak n understand properly russian 8) RU-Amber FTW 8)
  5. :clapping: Bravo Unlive, finally something BIG is in the air. This is better than final football match on European CUP :spiteful: I am back for this Event like international press worker 8) Camera capture,screen capture are all ready to go :good:
  6. There is our sucessful transport Unlive to Mountain Clan Port 8) "Unlive event" is still the best event in Warspear ever. If you want some ideas for future then i have some. How about making special portal for Main Events: 1) transport players to "special event maps" = for example some new island. 2) make some scenario - like defense castle or siege it, or kill their king or capture him and departure him to your castle. times count 3hours or 4hours etc. 3) Players will not get demage their items, when they die in this event´s map. "Event portal" can be in game client, but is not active. Is active only when events is active. Maps event you can change it, because it separate from world maps. But now for game "Unlive transport event" is the best, you cannot find any better event. P.S. I am coming back for sure, when 3.0 is release. I miss u all my old freinds ;)
  7. A yes I forgot, that I have shaman too.But forgot login n password and forgot set email too. :mega_shok: :rofl: Event "Unlive"could be 14days or 3weeks.(1weeks is lots) Astarta was in game yesterday, here is screenshot 8)
  8. :blush: :rofl: Oh Google/translate blame them.Sorry... :wacko: :mega_shok: My answer was on this post :
  9. Young men and their ambitions 8) ....Young Blood=Hot Blood :spiteful: ....Need be cool down ;) It does not matter if you are old or young. With Respect all comes smooth:)
  10. Oh people, why such fury about Unlive actions? I think we all have lots of fun(both side). That is after all only the GAME :drinks: I saw again lots of friends from Highlanders from 0.4.4 in game. :friends: I am glad see it them all(specially Alfredus :spiteful: :rofl: ). I am glad that Elf are finally organized and we are little out number Conclusion: Elf raid: I think the task for Elf it was easy than for Highlanders. After all i think Highlanders can defense it, but there was some very good strategic place, which Highlanders not defense it. And yes we had more players in Friday and Saturday too. Highlanders raid: First mistake is going to Hadir Cara ;) There was lots newbie, who wants kill Garr Wagg and they was very angry, that Higlanders killing them all days in their quest. :rofl: I saw about 10-12 newbie here. Second mistake is not all Higlanders are in battle. We go with our clan members do quest "Garra Wagg"in middle batlle.What we see is 5 Shaman staying in cave, where is "Garr". 3of them are 5.rank shaman.... :fool: Result: We all have good FUN. Lots of video, screenshot etc.... Dont lay down because it succesful or not. It just GAME ;) P.S. Pakito try remember War in 0.4.4, it was fun after all. And both side enjoy it. EDIT: Unlive RESPECT :good: and I agree with you.
  11. Video from Saturday battle is here: Battle in Hadir Cara Attack Eastern Camp Caravans One video Specially for Маруська 8) :rofl:
  12. Attacking Western Camp Caravans First attack: Second succesful attack:
  13. Sorry for multiplicate post. But here is better video[480p]. It take 380MBs, so it was longer to upload it. @ Unlive: "Now you will see how Ohot said "Down, Turn Left, TurnLeft NOOB" :rofl: P.S. Tomorrow upload video with atack "Western Camp Caravans" [over 1,5GB] :yahoo: Google/translate is bad. Noone understand me, when i translate it.[it was in 0.4.4] So that is a reason why i write in English :blush:
  14. Hi everyone. Here is it. Not screen. But i upload video. I hope you enjoy it 8) :drinks: P.S. : I had lots screenshot, but I am well-know LAZY MAN 8) . I will upload it later and sorry to post video here in thread "ScreenShoot" :blush: Not good quality, but in weekend i will post it again with better quality 8)
  15. Is depend on server, Amber RU has most players. So is started as last. In VN,EU server are not much players started first. Now all server are ON :clapping:
  16. I can not enter in Chat too :shok: "User or IP is banned" But I am really not native russian speaker :rofl: Or finally I got BAN, because all in Chat I wrote is "Hi ..." :spiteful:
  17. All I saw in screenshot is "cheater" with multi-account killing 1 elf :rofl: :clapping: Poor, no one play with you. So you play with yourself !!! :rofl: :friends: Simply clever 8)
  18. Hi Everyone :) There is my lesson in WarSpear: I saw the game from v0.2 from beta 0.4. I can not play and registration accounts. I wanted play, but I can not read russian words this time. I have to wait patience for next version. ;) In v0_4_4 user interface in both RU and ENG, so I can make account a can start play. I started learn by myself read cyrrilic(russsian) and anothers players help me lost in game. Lots thing happen in this time. I met very interesting people, friends in both side. Of course I loved Zeddekkk, when he got from my Ranger "Ice arrows" in his ASS :rofl: :spiteful: 1. Lesson = I learned new language and still play wonderful game. 2. Lesson = Met lots helpful and great people and players from Ukraina, Belarus,Russia 3. Finding quest "Unicorn" is really hardest for every noob :lol: That is reason, why I am not switch to EU/US server. Because here I am at HOME in RU/AMBER server :yahoo: 8) What I can do with out you, friends :drinks: P.S. For players from v0.5 to v0.7, I am really not from russian ;) . But now i know, understand lots of words and I can write some normal senteces 8)
  19. Atatatatatatatata :rofl: Pretty playful girl. She can kill NooB all day :rofl: hi Borok, hi зайкиндед :yahoo: I MISS YOU ALL!!!! :'( Students duty and 1. years in university. So I can not go in game half year. But I am back in game for good 8) [i hope for both side ;) ] If I am not lazy and be online little more and make 1char in moutain clan and going chat with you all :drinks: 8)
  20. A yes, that is the best thing in RPG. 8) Easy is in army,he can not go in game,Misterio said me that :'( Sfox of course online :friends: :blush: i forget about that... :search:
  21. Hi Alf :yahoo: , try it like in 0_4_4 8) Alf you miss old Arena days and PVP? :rofl: From 0_4Helika, Issa, Konata,Kaili elf girls. Biaka, Chery, Bonni highlanders girls. They are all very good in arena fight and lovely girls :rofl: :friends:
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