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    Its been a while guyz i wonder if anyone can still remember me and hows everyone doing
  2. anyone mind if i post ;) just wanna know if there still some legendary player still active in this game which i mean of legendary is players that still know my chars
  3. ok kai ill make at coeurl too ill play at 27 so can you kindly save your spare lancer gears for me cause im sure you will be a DRAGOON before 27 ;D @corey c'mon bro ffxiv is playable via pc and ps3 join us ::)
  4. i reached lvl 8 only with my lancer yesterday kai damn yea its awesome i play at Lamia server but its ok kai you choose which server we will play yet still i suggest we play at the newest server ;D
  5. it will be in the intl. market on august 27 kai but you can buy it now in your country and enter the open beta stage im gonna play at my ps3 if only i could pre order it now but my relatives there in america dont have time to check the retail store for ps3 cd :(
  6. how about final fantasy 14 kai corey? its available at PC and ps3 this august 27 wanna try it?
  7. Guyz im gonna move to console online gaming im just waiting for the playstation 4 here at qatar gonna try some upcoming mmorpg like final fantasy 14 realm reborn and phantasy star online 2 (i cant wait to play this pso2) so im hoping to play with you guyz in this next generation console with the features like group cam while playing and as far as I know the ps4 is much cheaper in corey and kai's country but im sure ryn and sindy can afford ps4 ;D
  8. yes its for android and ios me and slay are in mirmir server if you gonna play please make a acolyte or mage the game is populated with swordsman atm ;D download the game here http://valkyrieuprising.com/index.php?/topic/147-ragnarok-valkyrie-uprising-apk-for-international-users/
  9. ryn is playing ragnarok too ::) how about you guyz :(
  10. bka outdated version mo shy dto mkakakuha latest version http://valkyrieuprising.com/index.php?/topic/147-ragnarok-valkyrie-uprising-apk-for-international-users/
  11. Frienlist on ragnarok is fixed so plz let me know your ign guyz who ever is playing
  12. yea ryn adding a friend is still bug for now try to pm me instead xd
  13. ragnarok on android and its coming to IOs too as of now its only available at US play store but you can download it here http://www.mediafire.com/?1wcbk5ijixfpsk9 i m at mirmir server playing already lvl 31 now ;D
  14. why i cant add you corey it always says request failed
  15. whats ur build corey im gonna go full vit until lvl 30 xd
  16. http://www.mediafire.com/?1wcbk5ijixfpsk9 guyz use this link im playing it now im at mimir server named Pinoyz xd
  17. hahaha ryn ive got so many fun memories of ragnarok 8 years ago ;D now im waiting for my DSL to have a WIFI @corey what server we will play since you are the first to try it?
  18. yay thats the real version so how was the game corey
  19. dpa available shy kila corey at kai pa lng available
  20. its a spacetime studio game :( i only gonna play this ragnarok guyz im buying samsung grand later just to play that game
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