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  1. i have other hd games thats all runs great and good anyway tx to all i miss u guys my frients and ws bye bye all
  2. this is my problem am not play 2 month for this problem
  3. omg lava iris x1 is android mobile c this link my mobile specifications www.gsmarena.com/lava_iris_x1-6399.php
  4. i brought new lava iris x1 i instal apps but game is not clear its look like all place dots dots i cant c my charecter and other players clearly what can i do
  5. really man its disgusting am talking about new skill mc all skill useless if its useful then explain to us for example shaman vs druid explain new skill bd vs all mc class elf vs mc who win no doubt mc los and 1000 elf for 100 mc its boring bd runner stunner and damager mc class no stun no damage what u think about game v play or leave ? ??? and other stupid idea new dg because only win guilt can go and same guilt ppl do wtf idea am ws lover could explain Roland pleas don't neglect
  6. Agelo ... i killed each mob 30 times some mob much more times still not get items its not bug i think only mcoin users do this
  7. i want developer answer. i have question for developer and technical team y u guys add this quest . many ppl complaint about this quest y u guys not response and u guys want only our real money i swear never ever use mcoin this game turn to to mcoin users play other ppl can't play this game i think
  8. guys u did good but your team always favor to elf and another your good job is new skill elf skills r op mc skill not good shaman worst skill i lost 3*3 27/100 its good u say don't blame low amp or low net speed i am +7 17 staff and sd +6 all equipment is +6+8 am good before but now am worst player i was in 3*3 150 + th place now i noob not me only all mc noobs are now because of new skill answer me what i do don't say amp my items
  9. no its bug quest or this only for mcoin user quest right its not fair i killed many many mob i try each corner of Ayvoindl and most of green place map showed there nothing got even one piece
  10. i hate new skills its not balance >:D :facepalm:
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