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  1. read it again carefully please :D
  2. there are 3 new people (see first page) that want to join, meet them and vote yes or no ;D -Cheza
  3. hey unfair..I didn't get to vote yet or maybe u voted for me ;D..but yea babyblue is nice color. Still I would prefer gold ::)
  4. first page edited, look at it and give me your opinion *Z* ~cheza was here xD (haha dont feel like logging out n logging in)
  5. Lol knox a lot of mc coins..now only 2k lol..u kno I want signs ;D. Bet it was paint :lol:
  6. :cray: deathknight using spears :good: but on the wrong side..better if other way around them using gay hammer n mace>.
  7. :bad: :shok: Aww ok knox..cya next update n dnt forget to claim ur winnings for best story lol
  8. Lol nice story Knox...poor merc lol n dnt forget about alize too true story..haha
  9. Oh :shok:..I kno this guy I use too hire him to work for me to get q items for cheap gold
  10. slay has been slain n is bac from the dead to get his revenge ;D
  11. :bad: guess I'm not into paladin no more..doesn't fit my style of fighting lol but other than that its nice :good:..hammering time!
  12. :shok: Aww looks like I missed it..I wanna try lol
  13. Spam ;D I just notice that there are no chat in forum now haha
  14. Yep human working with elf.u gota love em ;D not like those humans who sold there souls to the undead :bad:
  15. Hi Ho I do aprove n well c bout the others nI thought u were donbow so u calling itself gay:P jk
  16. I want to be deathknight but I rather pt up with elf side :blush: so I guess paladin it is
  17. Ah it could be a trick ;D pray for the holy n down with the undead 8)
  18. Since I c mobs using spears why not let us wield spears..it will be some thing different from other class..O.o double spears 8) n for warlord n necro can wield their tiny wond :rofl:
  19. :D I forgot to say if any of the new fraction wield a spear I will be them! Spear is awesome n I like them
  20. Ahh I can't make up my mind..I like undead more than the holy, elf more than human... :wacko: N prefer melee over mage type .Deathknight sounds the coolest name ever!lol will see about paladin.. 8)
  21. Hexen-N64 The legend of lagoon Chrono cross Alien Tales of destiny-vs Mario64 Halo Grand theft auto-all Bf3-mw3 series N all rpg n first person shooter
  22. Welcome tehyeh :drinks: also just wanted u guys to know day is out :( n wish him goodluck
  23. Omg Knox feel better:) how u guys been doing? sorry I haven't been on lately lol n not today too cuz busy setting up for my bday today ;D..I c we got new recruit :good:..other than that I c u guys later
  24. Yea I been busy lately n not only that..I find the game not fun anymore..but I won't quit I'll c u guys around some times in game:)
  25. Hi wolf n I too gona sometimes play now so u won't be seeing me as much ;)
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